Merging 2 video files with 2 subtitle files for iPod touch




I have 2 AVI files each one with it’s respective subtitle file.

How can I merge both the AVI and subtitle files into one?

I want to be able to have just one AVI file with hardcoded subtitles so I can transfer it to my iPod touch.



AviDemux, a free software, has a filter to embed subtitles on a video file. It is also able to join two or more avi files :slight_smile:


Any other recommendation?

It doesn’t matter if it’s not free.

Avidemux is a pretty bad piece of software.

Nothing works !!

When I append the 2 AVI files audio and video are not synced.

Even the original files are not synced.

None of the controls (Zoom, forward, reverse, nothing from the menu) works.




Controls now working. I didn’t know how to use them.

But the audio and video from the original files is not synced.

Any ideas?