Mergeg Dvds won't return to menu after playback



Hi. I have a problem with the merge dvds (A + B). Once they are merged, they play fine individually but at the end of movie A, the movie returns to A’s menu and not to default menu created by DvdRemake. The same goes for movie B, returning to B’s menu. Any way around this problem? Also is there a way of putting a “play all” button on DvdRemake’s menu so that movie B will start immediately after A and then return to DvdRemake’s menu?



To return to the DvdReMake menu, press the Title button on your remote. To make movie B automatically after merging, check out the manual under Advanced Editing. There are a few topics regarding this. One of them is here:


Thanks toaddub. Was wondering also if there was an easy way to do a menu with highlights, eg. in Adobe Photoshop, and would you be able to PM it.

Thanx once again.