[merged] The Sony DRU-810A Thread



I couldn’t make up my mind regarding whether this should be in the BenQ forum or in the LiteOn/Sony forum, so here it is in the general forum…
Edit: Sicne there’s a thread in the BenQ forum, I’ll move this to the LO/Sony forum and merge it with the existing thread there…

As discussed in this thread at CDRLabs.com, Sony has made a press release unveiling their new DRU-810A DVD-writer. The pictures of the drive seem to confirm rumors that this drive will be based on a BenQ.

I wonder if this may also explain why the upcoming LiteOn model, the 1635S, dropped the “SO” in its drive name (it’s now SHW and not SOHW).

Edit: As for what this means for the LiteOn-Sony alliance, it’s really hard to say right now. I would not be so quick to pronounce this as the end of the alliance, as this is certainly not the first time that there was been a brief interruption (e.g., when Sony used Optorite’s for its 12x drive instead of the SOHW-1213S)… I guess it’s wait-n-see. :wink:


Maybe Liteon will revert to its old fashioned color scheme with red for burning, green for reading and yellow for buffer-underrun? :rolleyes:


Hmmm… did Sony already try the new 1635S…
I don’t know why I have the feeling the new 1635S will not match our expectation!!!


Hmmm just when LiteOn drives start looking good Sony ditches them… :eek:


interesting, maybe i’ll buy a sony just now :smiley: … well - having one liteon, i’m not really a supporter of them … my benq never fails to impress me :slight_smile: good move sony ?


That’s strange. If Lite-On bet the farm on the Sony alliance, to the point of altering the chipsets and their legendary sub-channel data capabilities, I wonder what is going to happen if the alliance does fall apart? Could Lite-On become the king of backing up copy protected games again like they were with their 2401B?


There already is a thread in the BenQ forum though :wink: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=145829


Oops, missed that one. :o


Someone posted a news report that Liteon will be making some of the NEC drives. Your report seems to confirm this, as that move would have left Sony high and dry. I wonder if BenQ has the capability to make Philips, Sony, Plextor and their own? I would hate to see another incident like the quality control problem they had with the 1620.


This drive must not be a liteon clone, as all the liteon tools etc do not work on the drive, so wonder what it is :sad:


Sony DRU-810A is a rebadge BenQ DW1640


thanks for the info zevia


what firmware is on your 810a?


firmware 1.0A , obviously no way to back it up :sad:


liteon never named it’s firmwares like this… but it also doesn’t look liek a bq firmware. why sony changed from lo to benq?


i had my doubts to what the drive was until zevia posted, and abit of searching, and it seems it is a benq drive, typical sony picks one that you can’t back the firmware up, must say i was wrong because i first thought it was an nec drive.


can you crossflash to benq 1640 firmware? it’s already available here in the philippines for the equivalent of about US$80.


hmm good point, you can cross-flash the 1620, no idea about the sony, but it would seem pointless to buy one and then convert it to a benq, as it’s one anyway


but the benq firmwares are more up2date.


then buy a benq drive in the first place. lol