[merged] The SHW-1635S Thread



Only difference is +R DL speed up to 8X (1693 is 4X)

1693: 16x16x 8x6x 4x4x
1635: 16x16x 8x6x 8x4x

Available in Early July.


Yes, it’s the next generation drive. 5S.


Even more Sony. Headphone connection and volume knob missing…

:eek: Leo




yeah they’re useless


Well, they were useful back when LiteOn drives actually had a play button. My bed was near the computer, so I’d plug my headphones into the drive, hit play, and listen to stuff in bed without having to reach for the keyboard/mouse to control playback. Once they removed the play button, the headphone jack and volume knob became useless.


I know they are useless, but seeing the picture, it was the first thing that crossed my mind… Besides the different look of the bezel it was the only physical (technical) difference between the two brands… And now that is gone too…

:Z Leo


July? in Europe? …i think that LiteOn would have to improve the last drives with firmware before selling new models with “only” +R DL 8x improvement. I hope that exist the possibility to make 1693S@1635S upgrade :confused:


I doubt it. The codeguys’ site states clearly :

Flashing between generations: This will not work. Attempting to do so may kill your drive.


Thanks for the info danio_89


In Europe the first 5S drives will probably come with Lightscribe support. So it’s not ONLY 8x +R DL that is new.

Later this year Lite-On will release the super multi drive which also have DVD-RAM read/write abilities (And LS etc).

Nope - overclocking will almost for sure not be possible.


Agh! i had preferred DVD-Ram support in 1635S instead of Lightscribe… Thanks for the news! Do you know if it’s ready to sell in Europe about early July (i’m from Spain)?


Very late July according to my information.


OC-Freack, you are great! :slight_smile: Thanks again for the info.


still 24x cd-rw? shrug. don’t tell me you’re still with that ages old mediatek chipset, LiteOn…


So, I’ve read that the 16x5S series will improve burn quality over the 3S series. Is this correct?

If so, then it would seem to be worth waiting for. However, does anyone have an estimate of when it will be coming out? If the wait is 1 year, then it’s not quite worth the wait as much as if it was coming out in 1 month.


  1. How much improvement?
  2. Approx. how long of a wait?


  1. nobody can answer this until the drive is released. and then the first few firmwares won’t be too good.

  2. i think october/december. not sure.


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I don’t know when the release date is. I’ve heard a few rumblings about some time mid- or late-summer, but I can’t be sure. But I hadn’t heard October, though. :confused: Where did you hear that?


i don’t really trust liteon with their release dates… also if they’re going to release it soon, there would be infos on their site. that’s why i chose sometime between october to december.


I am so excited! Let’s see if 1635 crapz