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Does anyone know how to set up the wireless bridge (code WP-310A) that comes with the LVD-2010? I’m assuming there is some sort of HTTP access to it like other wireless bridges. I found it would respond on, but prompts me for a user name and password, which I don’t know! (tried various combinations of admin as username but no luck). It didn’t come with any manual.


it’s pretty simple just attach the AP with ethernet cable supplied in to your PC network card and it’ll show as connected , set your pc network card on an ip (anything in the same range as 192.168.1.X) . now goto IE or firefox and type when prompted for username Enter: Admin and password: 5up (Username and pass are Casesensetive).
Good luck .

any problems let me know .


Hi im having problems setting mine up, mostly because this is the first bit of networking i have done before.

Im setting up using a single pc via a crossover cable. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi I’m having big problems with this!

When I connect the Wireless adapter to my PC via crossover cable my PC displays a message saying there has been a clash of IP addresses and my internet goes off.

Ive connected it to my plaptop instead and I don’t get that message anymore (and I’m still connected to the internet via wireless USB) but going to the url just says “this page cannot be displayed”.

I’m absolutely at the end of my rope I have no idea what to do so if anyone has any ideas please chuck them at me…


I just got one and this is in the user guide:

User Name: Admin (case sensitive)
Password: 5up

Haven’t had any luck actually getting mine working yet mind you. Let me know if you have any luck

I’ve got mine to work now. You won’t need to add a media server and don’t touch the settign with all the IP address bit

Just make sure that the media server disk is installed on your PC and working. If it says something about “cannot start up” go into add/remove programmes and uninstall J2e then restart your computer and try installing again.


Can someone help me with a query?

I’m wanting to buy a LVD2010 but, having had no wireless experience whatsoever, I’m unsure about the equipment to buy for the PC end of things.

Can I just use a wireless PCI card to send stuff to the LVD2010 or would I have to be using a wireless router?

Many thanks.

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Edit - here is the link for the LVD-2010 manual

Amazon are selling the Netgear DG834GT 108m adsl modem/router/wireless with a WG111T wireless USB dongle for £52 delivered. (add both to your basket and the price changes, you may need this voucher NETGWRESADAP)

I have this working with my LVD 2010 and its completely brilliant. (£85 delivered from SVP)

All the problems with the WP-310A wireless reciever are due to the silly IP address it is set to ( Your PC/router will only work (in most cases) with IPs in the range 192.168.0.xx. I used a crossover cable, set my PC TCP/IP addy to, then could communicate with the 310a without problems. Then set the 310a IP to and your PC/routers will now be able to see and access it. (don’t forget to change your PC settings back) Also remember you can’t have a cable connection and a wireless connection to the same router at one time, once wireless is working, pull the cable. You don’t have to use te wireless dongle, you can plug a cable from yourPC/router straight to the netplayer (much easier to use).

Plays Xvid with packed bitstreams
DVD drive is a bit noisy, but I can live with it.
Liteon software is naff, use Neustron instead.
Liteon have already discontinued this player (as usual), don’t expect any firmware or support from them.
Region free hack press “slow” 2 9 6 0 region menu appears, select “0”

Well I aint having any luck with the WP-310A. :a

I am using my laptop atm and I connected to the wireless unit via a cable but the connection says ‘Limited or No Connection’ and if I try to connect to the device via it just wont work.

I am using XP and if I try and force the connection to use the address it says IP is already in use. But I dont know I am using that IP.

I’ve even tried a cross over cable of my own with no luck. I have yet to get a reply from liteon on how to fix this problem.


Hi Stringer,

I had a nightmare with this too. Try this.
Connect the WP-310 to your PC using the supplied crossover cable.
Wait until you machine says “Limited or No Connection”.
When you force the address, use an address in the range such as
The changes will take place after a few moments and then you can access it via the http link. If you try to use you will get the conflict because it is already being used by the WP-310. Once you have accessed it, change the IP address to (remember to update changes and reboot). Dont forget to change the IP of your PC back!!

Hope this helps!

the supplied cable is a standard cable - not a crossover.

I had a number of problems with the LVD-2010.

  1. Media server would not run [had to uninstall media server and Java, then install media server]
  2. MAC address not as printed on label [disabled MAC restriction on WAP temporarily]
  3. Adapter between DVD player and Wireless Adapter faulty [installed cross over cable between them instead, provides better location of wireless adpter anyway]
  4. After it had been working for a couple of days I saw the option to integrate with iTunes. Big mistake, media server software now just sits there with hour glass. Uninstalled, cleaned registry, re-installed, still the same!


User Name: Admin
Password: 5up

Is there any way to establish what I.P address I have given my liteon WEP-310A?

I stupidly changed it from months ago when I knew next to nothing about wireless networking. I know it’s impossible to guess what I.P address I have given it, but I was wondering if there are any shortcuts to find out the I.P of it? It’s connected to my laptop via a crossover cable and connecting ot my wireless network but I want security enabled on my network and to implement that I need to edit the WEP key in the settings.

Just do these steps:

Liteon Setup (German)

Good Luck


Did you ever fix this. I am getting the same problem.

Set up WP-301A a long time ago and now cannot find the IP address. Like you I want to enter my WEP key.


I’m still no closer to a solution to this problem. There MUST be one out there. Liteon customer services were hopeless.


The trouble is Wireless Bridge adapters normally have a reset button (usually a small pin hole) which sets the adapter back to its default settings (in this case: but there’s nothing & that’s just poor build quality. :a
There isn’t one inside the adapter neither, I took mine apart to check.