[merged] philips 1620 burning problems

help me please ! i can burn data cds but not audio
ive installed latest nero6 clean install but to no avail, any suggestions

i assume that i am having software problems
i have clean installed nero 6 downloaded from nero
i can burn data disks ok
but when i attempt to burn audio i fail

please help if you can

I’m running xp home
I’m using a Philipps dvdr1620
software just cleaned installed as an attempt to cure my problem
I can burn data disks ok but when i try to burn audio it fails
nero say’s can not communicating with device
madia player starts to burn lead in and then it fails

Do you think it could be may dvd burner or some conflict in software

Ive also updated the dvd firm ware still doesnt work

In the little box at the top of start smart, click and select cd. Then click the little music icon, then click make audio cd. that should get you where you need to go. Then just add your files, click next ect.

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thanks for the info but that was the route i took ,but thanks again for the help

sorry , but this is the first forum that i have entered and i will now read the rule ,ps
dont suppose you could help with my problem could you

Use Nero Infotool to generate a report (make sure all options are enabled) and post the result.

Also check out the forum stickies (read first) and FAQs: