[merged] OEM eMachines SOHW-1633S questions; also, to BYX4 and back again?

i rencently just bought an emachine and it came with the dvd burner in the title. My question is is it ok to burn dvd-rs with it? I know I can use dvd+rs and the computer came with a sheet saying that dvd-rs were ok, but I just want to make sure. I hear u gotta becafeful when it comes to firm wear. It does say dvd+r and the drive, but no dvd-r. Also my other questions is, should thge drive be ok if I us it to play games and such with it> I dont want to burn it out, but I think i might if I am alwasy playing games. I ahev another cdrom drive that I want to sue, but dont have the driver. Thanks for the help.

Well I hope this is the correct forum for this post, if not sorry. I have a Liteon SOHW-1633S. Basicly i want to know what is all the firmware talk about. What exactly is this bsos upgrade, should I get it. Does this upgrade make the quakity of burns better? Does it make the drive burn faster? Is it safe? ANother question I have is wtf is crossflashing? And my last question, I know I can burn dvd+rs and this sheet that camp with my computer said it can burn dvd-rs, but on the drive itself, it only says dvd+r plus. if some of you have this drive or know the answers to my questions HELP me out. Thanks a buch. Sorry for my noobness, but I got to start somewhere. T hanks.

-You can burn DVD -Rs but you are limited to 8X
-You can use you drive to play without pb … by the time it gets worn out you will probably decide to change it before!
-If you have Windows XP you don’t need a driver for you other CDrom drive.

Alright thanks alot, but what about this firmare?

Firmware is an embedded instruction set for hardware. These instructions
can be changed/modified with a new set which are installed by ‘flashing’ to
BIOS. Check Lite-On homepage for upgrade and installation instructions.

The BIOS (Basic Input Output Systems) directs computer at startup and runs in
the background.
Liteon SOHW-1633S burns both + & - R/RW media.

alright Thanks

Alright thanks

I just bouhgt this computer and the drive came with it, so would the firmware be ok already? If was to update later, should I use liteons or the one on the board that people are using, “bsos?”

BYX4 or CS0P

Common chok0,
the guy is trying to understand what is a firmware… don’t tell him “BYX4 or CS0P” without explaning to him that:

your 1633S is physicly identical to the 1653S. The difference between both is the fact that with a 1653S you can burn a DVD DL at 4X and a DVD -R at 12X.
normally you can’t you can’t flash your 1633S with a 1653S. But using the process of “Crossflashing” you can do it.
If you want to stay with your 1633S, run nero info tool to know which firmware you currently have. If it is not BS0S than flash it!!!

many liteon drives are identical. the 1213s for example is the same drive as the 1653s. the only difference are the speed restrictions in the firmware. c0deking and code65536 have coded a lot of tools to modify your writer to extreme performance. your drive has also the same hardware as the 1653s so you can flash a 1653s firmware on it.
CS0P is the newest firmware for the 1653s, and it’s much newer than BS0S for the 1633s.
there is a 1633s firmware, BS41. it has the same speeds as a 1653s. the sony firmware of this type is BYX4. it works slightly better than CS0P.

i recommend you flash your drive to BYX4. there’s nothing that can go wrong and you can expect our help to all your problems if anything goes wrong.

i’ve bundled the tools you need for your drive, download this, and don’t forget the readme.txt!: http://rapidshare.de/files/3851051/instruction.rar.html

ok? :wink:

Thanks guys u have helped me out a TON!

So basicly after following those steps in the read me , I turned my 1633s into the 1653s and then into the sony byx4 lol? I really need to catch up on all this stuff, where have I been.

don’t play to much with the “reset learnt media”.

wont, but why? Can it f up my drive?

Yes… if you accidently mess your eeprom, your drive is dead.

ouch, well I followed his instructions, drives seems to be ok.

HELP I want to go back to the orignal firmware for my drive, after doing byx4, its not playing anything smoothly, plz help!

Fuck now it wont even let me play the disc becuase of regions, wtf is going on! I just want my drive to go back to normal, PLEASE, help.

Another problem, the read speed changed to 12x and wright 8x, why is this happening, I knew i shouda just left my drive alone “if it aint broke, dont fix it” Fuck me!