Merged: New 0101 Firmware now from Liteon



You can go to the LiteOn site and download the new firmware for the 5xxx’s

I did and will install shortly

Edited - changed title to show 0101


Already, i just installed yesterday lol


any problems?


Oops, dont think its for my unit, i have a 5026, misread sorry.
Or is it?


check could be LiteOn released new firmware for all units


Just checked still 197, i thought you meant 1101 was the version number, cus you said for 5xxx`s.

Little confused.


for the 5005 last version was 0098 new is 1101


Gutted, i have a 5026, still a good buy, i hardly touch the dvd drive unless i want to back up a recording, that way im only bangin the hdd not the dvd writer :slight_smile: Will last years me thinks


with the new 0101 firmware I was able to open 2 unfinalized -Rs that would not read with 0098. GOOD NEWS


Have you noticed any other changes?


NO, recording on one saved -R now, can see no change to the interface, still very early to tell, I know of only a few now using 0101.


Looks like it’s a drive update. The last one was LNFA 1000. That’s probably why you could open an unfinalized -R. Maybe a disc compatability update…


Did the drive update LNFA 1000 with 0098, no new drive update offered this time.


Sorry my typo the FW is 0101 the Download is 1101 :o


@CCRomeo - Thanks for the heads up. And I’m on the mailing list for update notices and did not get notified :bigsmile:

The 0101 looks like a system update. Anybody that did it already, what is your internal serial number now. The prior updates for the 5005 gave 0102-1840-0098-g2bd, is it now 0102-1840-0101-g2bd?

Thanks !


Yes a system update

S/N now with hack is:
0102-1840-0101-B20G (000-010D)
Think I have a different drive or drive update, last 4 numbers

Glad to help :slight_smile:



can you edit my error 1101 v 0101?


@CCRomeo - For now I could only edit the first post which I did - I’ll ask Sean if/how to edit the topic title. I’m still on probation.

You must have the 813s drive I think - What drive do you have?
My serial number was for the 5005 with the 451s drive in it.



My Drive is: DDW813s


Did the last 4 numbers change with this update? Or was it B20G before? I just wanna make sure this 0101 update does not effect the drive. I don’t think it did but wanna make sure.