Merged: need full version animagic zip

Need full version Animagic zip. Tried trial ran out in the middle of a project. Can’t buy it in stores. Afraid to pay for download from company may not get full download and still have nothing. Went to some warez they said they had it but when went to download it said file not available. Any point in the right direction appreciated. Thanks Bat.

We’re talking about that Gif Animator program?
Down the trial version here and find a key/crack here.

Hi Wookie I found the Animagic shareware but went to the page to get key/crack and couldn’t find one. Could you check into this and let me know. Thanks Bat

Astalavista is a search engine for cracks. So simply type the name of the prog you want a crack for in the white box and press enter. If you type “Animagic” in that box you will be directed to this page.
On that page you see all different versions of the prog you did a search on. Every green link goes to the crackpage the crack is on!
So simply track down the version you have and click on the green link that is on top of it. Then you will again be directed to the crackpage and then you only have to look around there to find the direct download!

That is how Astalavista works! :cool:

But I found this for you; a page that contains both v1.22 of Animagic with a keydownload next to it!
Here’s the link! Click on it and goto the “Graphics Tools” section to down it! :slight_smile:

Hi Wookie. Found this link but when you hit download it just comes up on a page with alot of Chinese on it no download on it. I take it what I want is a key gen. not a patch or a crack. How would you use a key gen or install it . You would probably have to turn time back on demo some how wouldn’t you? Thanks Bat.

That link on Liaou’s site seams to be down. But try this one to get v1.21 (trial).
A crack/key can be found at Astalavista, but that seams to be down as well at the moment!

Of use the key that I PM-ed you, have just found it in Serial2K!


just downed and tried it, and the key I send you works fine! :wink: