Merged - LVC-9006 Firmware



Someone mentioned that there was an update for the 9006 but I can’t find it. As a matter of fact there is nothing for the 9006 except a download for the Product Manual.


There is one posted here dated 8-25-05 for the 9006, it is at the bottom of the screen on the right hand side.


hi cdfreaks, i purchased a lite on lvc9006 march of this year at CompUSA in sacramento,calif… i used the unit sucessfully in transferring my vhs and hi-8 tapes w/o many problems… i downloaded the firmware from the liteon site americas and then the ilo hacker and the unit crashed… i don’t get a start up screen< guider> the functions are haywire… the power button doesn’t function… what can i do to get this unit back up? thanks in advance for your expertise… loconutz


Sounds like the flash went bad, does it start up at all, even for a moment?


hi jm, thanks for the response… i must plug and unplug unit… the record button is the power button now and the eject button the play button for the dvd…the vhs loads but does not play nor does the dvd unless i hold down the eject button… i removed the cover on the unit to identify the drive as a sonyDDW-813S… how should i proceed… any particulars? how should i re-flash when the unit does not respond, with a PC and with what firmware? your input is appreciated… peace, loconutz


You could try doing the stock fw update by burning it again and see if the 9006 recognizes it and does the update again. I see that the update had 3 files in it here, is there any special order they were supposed to be done. I’m not familiar with the 9006, I only have the 5005. If all else fails contact LiteOn for support and a possible RMA.


hi jm, thanks for the input…but in not sure of the stock f/w of this unit … since i don’t get a start-up screen ,i can’t identify the f/w properly. i do have a s/n# 431445015146 . mftr date 11/04 with a sonyDDW813s b205 h-p… where can i find the f/w for this drive, and is it available? … again thanks, loconutz


hello waljoy, was curious, also have a 9006, did the upgrade work? bcuz my unit crashed… thanks, loconutz


@loconutz - what fw did you run ILoHacker on and then flash it? In my previous post there was the link for the latest update for the 9006, flash it again with it but don’t run IloHacker on it. I would burn it to cd again and verify that it copied ok before I tried to flash it again.


Help pls, looking for fw FLNNDUO78 for lite-9006 with sony ddw813s drive can anyone steer me inthe right direction? thanks


What is flashing?


clicked on link, went to this page
Browser message cannot open page.
My guess: it is no longer there. Does anyone have a copy of the Firmware upgrade?


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you replied to a 5 yrs old thread - do not expect any link remain working.
You want to go to and start navigating from there.




Take a look here which has an archived copy of the 086 firmware for the 9006. That site seems to be the only source for some of the old firmware files now.