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Hi guys,

just bought this DVD-ROM , manuf.date January 2005
did anybody hear about that? I bought that, coz I thought that might be better to rip DVDs in ROM than in +/-RW drive…so, need hacked FW for enabling max.rip.speed…any suggestion? Now it seems to be slow…

Never heard of the drive. Could you dump the firmware and send it to us?

Yep, its done!
hope you got it

Just found out that it is out for sure…


My Liteon 167T dvd-rom had problems, so i sent it back to the shop, who duly sent it back as an R.A.

I recieved in its place a SOHD 16P9S, Now it seems to me to be a lot slower than my original drive, according to nero info tool its max reading speed is 8X, yet according to the box it came in, its supposed to be 16X DVD-Rom and 48X cd.

does anyone have any info on this drive, as the Liteon site does not have anything about the drive.


16x max speed is probably for reading pressed DVD-ROM, not recorded DVD±R/RW.

Thank you for the reply, I wasn’t sure how read speed was worked out. :o

if there’s a disc in the drive, nero infotool will report the current read speed. nothing to worry

Same here. Manufactured 01/05 too.

got the same drives cannot find anything about them even on lite-on nor been able to get a firmware dump , come out different every time , same date on mine

full part no model SOHD-16P9SO2C

I notice there is a new drive… http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=55&manufactory=1336&DEPA=0&sortby=14&order=1
And 167T is no longer available… any info about the 16P9S? :slight_smile:

It’s just a CD-ROM, not a DVD-ROM.

No… it is SOHD-16P9S… have ability to read DVD@16X…


LITE ON 16X DVD-ROM Drive Black, Model SOHD-16P9SBLK, Retail

Model# SOHD-16P9SBLK
Item # N82E16827131410

Read Speed: DVD-ROM: 16x, CD Family: 48x
Interface: E-IDE/ATAPI
Buffer: 512KB
Access Time: 120ms
Data Transfer Rate: DVD-ROM: 21600 KB/s max by CAV
CD-ROM: 7200 KB/s max by CAV
Features: ATAPI/E-IDE Half-Height internal DVD+R / DVD+R9 / DVD+RW / DVD-R /
DVD-RW / DVD-ROM / CD-R / CD-RW / CD-ROM combination drive
SMART-X(*1) Smart Monitoring & Adjusting Read-speed Technology for eXtraction
ABS (Auto Balance System) mechanisam to reduce vibration & noise while high speed rotating
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
Packaging:Retail (see pictures for details)

You are right, didnt go down the page…

Link update: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=27-131-410&depa=0 :bigsmile:

I got a quick question, in case anyone reads it:
Does the SOHD-16P9SBLK (BLK is probably irrelevant, since it probably stands for black) is able to do quality testing in Nero CD/DVD Speed (in 3.80 maybe?)?
I don’t see it in the updated list of drives, but if anyone has tried it, I would appreciate a reply…


I have a pressed dvd-rom and it still says 8x as a max read. I called tech support and the guy had absolutely no idea wha the problem could be. Does anyone have any ideas?

A pressed single-layer DVD-ROM?

the drive reads 8x for everything 'cept SL pressed discs. So it’s 8x for +r +rw, -r -rw, DL pressed. http://dice.zapto.org (needs to be viewed at 1024x768 :confused: ) has a few comparisons to the 166s. The 16P9S does have a smoother looking quality scan, hardly any spikes at all.