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For the past few days I have tried to logon to the codeguys website and cannot connect. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone no where I can download a older .bin firmware for my LiteOn 851s? Also, can somone upload there untouched 851s eeprom to me? I appreciate it.

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rpc1.org are down - EVERY .rpc1.org site! - server trouble.

There’s a hastily created backup site… http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/index.html - so some of the links may be a little shaky … volunteer mirrors for the files etc.


sites down




rpc1.org went back up less than an hour ago. However, it will take a bit of time (up to 48 hours, though usually not that long) for the DNS changes that were made to propagate to the rest of the Internet.


sweet thanks guys


I just got on… :wink: :wink:




nope nothing for me


From the up and running website.

Information about the recent downtime:

As many of you may have noticed, rpc1.org was down for about a week, starting last Tuesday, because of a corrupted boot record that prevented the server from booting up. We (mostly >NIL: Wink) have fixed the problem, and hopefully, we will not be seeing a downtime of this length again in the future.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this downtime.



I’m new here and have been trying unsuccessfully to go to sites at rpc1.org.

I read in another thread that my ISP may be blocking the address and the solution is to use a proxy server to get through.

How do I go about doing that?




Hm… one of your ISP’s proxy servers is on rpc1.org’s blocked list. IP addresses with multiple connections to the server are blocked, as a heuristic, when we experience DOS attacks, and proxy servers, by their nature, can sometimes become innocent bystanders… I’ve unblocked it; let me know if it works now.


It works! Many thanks.


Anyone have any info as to when they might be back up again.

They seem to have been down for 2 days now.



Please read the announcements at the top of the forum…


Thanks, sorry for the trouble. Missed the announcement two days ago and I should have looked again.


What’s the dang IP of the codeguys’ website??? I can’t seem to find a SINGLE DNS server that will tell me!!! This sux, I need to flash my new DVD-ROM with a hacked firmware too!!! Dang DNS servers!!! :a


Their site is down for a couple of days as they have in the announcement at the top of the LiteOn Forum

Here is a temporary site their using


And announced at the top of the firmware forum, too… :slight_smile:

Edit: this thread has now been moved from firmware to LiteOn…


What can I say, I’m blind!!! Anyways, got the firmware flashed on my 16P9S, and region free patched. I’m ripping a disk now, and I must say I’m impressed! Good job on the firmware patcher for that drive!!! I got it set to 14x rip for +/-R, and 14x for dual layer pressed. I like that patcher thing a LOT!!! So THANKS GUYS, I’m gonna play with my new toy!!! :bigsmile: :iagree: