[merged] BenQ 1640 in the U.S. at Newegg

Finally the long expected 1640 is here for less than $50 shipped.


I know this has been mentioned in other threads but it will get buried.

The price is cheap compared to buying the PLEXTOR 740 drive which we all know is a rebadged BENQ 1640. I’ll be purchasing a BENQ 1640 from Newegg.com since the PLEXTOR 716AL slot drive is $152.99 which is a bit pricey for me at the moment. For $152.99 I could buy 3 BENQ 1640 drives. :wink:

WOW… Thats nuts!!!

Thanks for the info. Unfotrunately I’ll have to get it after I get back from vacation… :doh: Hopefully the price will go down another couple of bucks after I return :smiley: unless of course it all gets sold out… :disagree:

PS, sorry for all the smileys, khe, khe, khe…

TCAS! Me or you?

Liteon 1693 is $46! Flip a coin?

etp; I have own Lite-on twice before so this time I intend to go for 1640.

If you’re gonna flip that coin, pray for tails! :cool: :cool: Putting a 1693 in the same category as any BenQ is borderline fantasy…


$45 is not bad considering that the 3540 started at $60

Just get the DW1640, forget the Lite-On stuff. The BenQ 1640 is WAY tasty! :iagree:

Can anyone report whether the units from Newegg are Bxx or Gxx f/w? I’m concerned the OEM will come with Gxx and the unit will be limited in upgrades. Not sure if one could convert these OEM->Retail like the previous models. Thanks.

You can crossflash the OEM 1640 drives to Bxxx if they have the Gxxx firmware on them it’s already been done.

You can crossflash, but I’ll be sure to post what Newegg’s batch comes with.

I had the same feeling as you about Liteon drives but I have been very pleased with the performance of my 1693 and I have changed my mind.

After a few months of use, I put that drive’s value up there with the NEC 3520.

8T6 is right you can always crossflshed between OEM abd Retil version , I have not have mine yet but as far as I know the drive comes with GXX inially which can be upgraded to JXX revision. The price tag between Retail and OEM is not justified retail version buying.

How do you tell if it’s GXX or JXX, or Bxxx? I just got mine today.

$42.99 for a 1640 at newegg.

I have a liteon 1673 was thinking about trying a Benq 1640 but from what i see of Q burn tests it looks about the same as my Liteon but i don’t get the spikes and even if my pf is below 100 max 2 and pe max 9 and below 9000 nero reports a 95% score where i see you guys with your benqs get a 99% why is that same pi and pe.

Because it’s a BENQ drive that burns well with good quality dvd media. Some have reported better scans using DVD DECRYPTER to burn. I don’t do many quality scans unless there is a disc that has playback issues. :wink: