Merge Videos and Shrink em?

I have 2 mpg videos that I want to put on 1 dvd. Currently these 2 combined are too big to fit onto 1 dvd. So first I used nero Vision to merge the 2 into 1 mpg file. So far so good, but still too big.
Then still in Vision I imported the single mpg file and it prompted me saying it’s too big to fit on a dvd, would you like to convert it to fit? I say yes and it confirms it dropped the quality to Long quality (3382 kbps) and it shows via meter at bottom it will fit on dvd. So I burn it on my Sony DW-G120A with Verbatium 16x DVD-R. Burns successfully w/o errors (as far as i can tell anyways) but will not play in my DVD player. In vision there was no option to Finalize Disc so I’m not sure if that’s the problem or if it’s just the entire process I’m doing.
Any thoughts?

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dvd shrink can’t manage mpeg files; it need to have vob and ifo files.

Then you must first convert mpeg files in vob with a reuthoring software like TMPGENC DVD Author, and then use dvd shrink to compress resulting files.

so typically how many “tools” or apps does the average “cdfreak” have?
I have the whole nero 7 suite + dvd shrink. I haven’t even touch decryption yet.
I was just curious. I’ll try your advice.
Thanks much.
By the way, I been to Italy. It was a blast!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Actually the main tool that cdfreakers have is a lot of burners (I have only 7 right now :stuck_out_tongue: )

nope. didn’t work. Used tmpenc dvd to convert to a vob and dvd shrink to burn and it still won’t play in dvd player but it plays in my dvd drive.
other ideas??

This is not a software problem. When a movie play ok in computer and no in standalones, most of times (not always) is a bad burned media.

What burner/firmware/media did you used? And what speed did you burned?

Well I tried again a little differently and it worked. First I used vision to merge the videos and not allowing it to reduce the quality to fit. Having one large mpg, i used tmpenc to convert to vob and then dvdshrink to shrink and burn. This time it worked.

Before I think my merged file was reduced to fit and then converted to vob and hence didn’t need shrinking when burned to dvd.

Who knows maybe it was a bad burn too? Really i have no idea :slight_smile:
But i used my sony dw-g120a and verbatium 16x media and burned at 16x.
Nero shows no errors…

I’m glad to know that you solved the problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you would like this method beter or not, it might be a little easier, but you should be able to use nero vision express (the “make your own dvd-video” option in start smart), take both your mpeg files and import them, create some simple menus and you should have a complete dvd. Set your media size to dvd-9 instead or custom, do not let it reduce the quality. When it comes time to transcode and burn, select a hard drive folder rather than a burner as the destination. You will then have a complete dvd with all nesasary files on your hard drive. Then use shrink or nero recode (the “copy entire dvd-video” option) to compress it and burn to disk.