Merge question

I want to copy a set of vhs tapes onto dvd’s and put more than one tape segment on the dvd. Presumably, the dvdfab platinum merge feature will allow me to do that. My question is…is it possible to make an exact copy of the merged dvd which will include the multiple episodes? If so, how is it done.
If not, any ideas of other software that will handle that task?

Hi seerick and welcome to the DVDFab forum. Fab will let you make almost any manipulation of a video DVD, but it will not capture it from VHS. You will need either a standalone DVD recorder or a capture device and software to do it with a PC. If the VHS tapes are copy protected you will need to overcome that with either hardware or software, depending on the capture method. If you recorded these tapes yourself off TV, then no problem. Once you have the episodes on DVD(s) Merge will let you combine them onto a single DVD in any order you choose and will also copy the Merged DVD if you want to make a backup (you can actually just burn the Merged titles twice to save a little time). Look over the Merge guide (link in my sig) and post back if you have specific questions. Some of the methods will vary depending on the length of the episodes and how you capture them from VHS.

I do a lot of conversion of VHS to DVD. I use Canopus AVDC110 to capture the analog to my PC via firewire. I use Pinnacle Studio to do simple editing to the digital file and to make the mpeg’s and then TMPG DVD A to assemble the mpeg’s inorder to make the DVD’s.

Once make you can use DVDFab to do anything you want to the DVD.

TMPG DVD A will compress the mpeg’s to fit onto any size DVD.

There are lots of other ways to do this, this is just the way I do it.



Some people preferred teh AVDC100 and you can still find some of them on eBay.

I went to the Canopus website and read up on these units, but it was not clear to me whether they would do on the fly MPEG-2 compression. I have done some of this using a surplus broadcast frame sync and a line dropper to get rid of the macrovision, and I’ve got a lot more to do. If these boxes will take in analog NTSC and put out firewireDV (without an intervening PC)I might try one myself using the firewire input on my standalone DVD recorder, then process further with DVDFab (speed is important and Fab is fast). Doesn’t the rendering and file conversion you mentioned take a lot of time? About how long to do, say, a 90 minutes movie?

The 110 and the 300, as far as I know, capture to DV AVI format. There are capture devices out there that capture to mpg. The problem with video editing and mpg source is out of synch issues, etc., seem to be more prevalent in the mpeg stuff.

Coverting the dv avi to mpeg doesn’t take long especially on today’s duo-core sytems. IF you do a lot of editing though, fades, transitions, titles, etc., those take some time. TMPG DVD is quite fast as well. I’ve never timed the conversion from start to finish. I usually set it up, go do something else, come back and its done. Import the mpg’s into TMPG, create some simple menus, click “Start”, go do something else, come back and the DVD drawer is open.

There are a lot of software packages out there now that make mpeg’s from just about any source.

The selling point of the Canopus stuff is a/v synch. I’ve never had a problem with their dv avi’s. If I capture directly through Studio I get a/v synch problems and often lockups in the assembly phase as Studio capture often results in little corruptions, dropped frames, etc., which then create problems in the assembly side. Canopus captures clean and I’ve never had lockups with using its DV AVI files.

I make pocket money converting people’s home videos to DVD for them.

I just remembered my camcorder will do NTSC>firewire DV on the fly (no tape) so I’ll probably just stick with that for now. I can capture it with PremierePro without sync issues but it is slow. I’m looking for a faster way that doesn’t involve hardware that I use for something else (camcorder, PC) and a gaggle of cables and software titles. Seerick, didn’t mean to hijack your thread and hope you have found an answer in all of this somewhere. Post again if not and we’ll try to stay on topic.