Merge Question?

I have just created a little merge disc and the problem I have is this, The second merge screen only shows the last selected range of chapters, I would have assumpted that the second merge screen would show a total of all the chapters in the project. For example I had 4 plus 1 from two sources. But rather than showing 5 it displayed 4 or 1. Also when i played the created disc only 4 chapters showed on the player with the fifth playable only by letting the forth chapter run on! Am I missing something.


The second merge window shows the real title number on original disc, not the title number on output disc.

Also, Merge will create a multi-title DVD structure, it doesn’t touch chapter structure of very title. You can use “Skip” button to skip chapters in title, and if it’s the last chapter of a title, it will skip to next title.

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Thanks Fengtao I will create larger discs to see how that works. Like every one else thanks for a great program!