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HI Signals
GREAT JOB Fengtao should have you do one for each mode :clap: :clap: :clap:




I can’t wait to play with this feature a bit. Looking forward to breaking down some of my TV Series DVD9’s to smaller DVD5’s w/o compressing. Being able to do it with this merge feature will be sooooooooo much easier than the methods I have had to use in the past.

THANKS FENGTAO :clap: :clap: :clap:

You think maybe we’ll be able to build our own menus in Fab someday ?


Thanks. I hope it proves useful. Still working on the images. One screen capture is missing and the only one that is correctly sized and placed is Porky Pig. There must be some secret technique to this that I have not mastered.:slight_smile: Alan1476 is going to put this in with the “Features Summary for Fab Platinum” so look for it in there if it disappears as a standalone post.


Just for info sake…
I am showing two missing images (“NEXT” section between para 1&2, and para 2&3)


You’re probably right. Thanks. Regard this as a Work in Progress.:slight_smile:

/EDIT/ Alan1476 (:cop: ) has asked that we not post in this thread. I think it makes it more difficult for him to move.


Hi Signals - Brilliant work.

Been experimenting and having fun with “merge” since your help the other day.

One thing to note… If you are using your optical drives as sources, ie. 2 discs to 1 without saving to HDD, make sure the last selected source and target drives are the same. If not, you are promted to insert writeable media and the process will not start. Obviously you cannot insert media as you will lose that source info.

Thanks again Signals for your efforts and also to Fengtao - incredible product.


Everyone will find Signals great tutorial on Merge Mode here
It was so good I had to make it a sticky. Good job Signals.:clap:


Yup, outstanding job…nicely done… :clap:


Not difficult at all, I have taken Singals great tutorial and added to his sticky in the link I posted above. Any questions can be asked right here in the " Merge Mode questions" Thread. Fengtaos program is just getting better and better, I love it.:clap:


All thanks and recognition should be directed to Fengtao and Ting for giving us this great tool.:clap:

To answer an earlier post that I can’t locate now and clarify the part in the tutorial about not removing DVD disc sources during the Merge, once the temp file is written, i.e. text box says “Merge Operation Completed Successfully” and shows “Task 2/2” near the bottom, any DVD source disc(s) may be removed if you need to put in blank media for burning. DVDFab will prompt you for this if there is a DVD-ROM in the target drive.


FYI everyone, Merge mode will bring up the email “Report an Error” screen if you attempt to load more than 6 sources (thanks to StirlingMac for finding this:clap: ). Can’t readily edit the tutorial so I’m posting this here temporarily. A workaround is to write the Merge with 6 sources to a folder or ISO, then use that merged file (which now counts as only one source) for a new Merge with the additional sources you want in the compilation that were over the limit.


Aloha Alan,I must be the stupidest person because I can’t figure out the merge feature, even after reading signals instructions.Aloha. wildog


Hi, wildog. Tell me what kind of trouble you are having and I’ll try to help.


Aloha signals, Thought I figured it out, copied 1 movie to full disc and then made a new folder and copied another to it. Every thing seemed to be going right and after getting both movies into the merge 2, I started the process and then it looked like I did it right, got a message that the merge was a success. The drive didn’t open like it usually does after a burn and when I tried to watch the movies they didn’t work. I do know that when ever the drive doesn’t open after a burn then the burn wasn’t a success. Wish DVDFab would get the tutorials done.Aloha,Wildog


Aloha, Wildog! Sorry you didn’t get your disc burned but it sounds like the merge operation was a success!:clap: When I burn a DL disc with the VSO burning engine it often fails to eject the disc when it should, but I’ve found that it will eventually if I just leave it alone for a few minutes. Never happens with a SL. If you want to try the merge again, select a HDD folder as the target and you can watch the merge on your PC. As to the failed burn, there is a burn log maintained in a folder at: C:\Documents and Settings(Username)\My Documents\DVDfab\Log. Select the folder for the burning engine you used (VSO is the default) and open the burn log file using Notepad. Copy and paste the past two log sessions( or just the one where the merge burn failed if you can find it) into a reply to this post so everyone can see what the burner reported and perhaps offer some suggestions. I’ll go ahead and offer the first two (they are usually the most effective): make sure you are using quality blank media (no Sony DL) and in Common Settings, set Fab to burn at half the speed rating of the blanks.


Aloha signals, Unfortunately I erased the log ( better keep them from now on) burnt to a SL Verbatim disk. I have had very results with DVDFab Platinum as far as coping my DVDs so far. I have a Plextor 760A burner and never use Sony disks,Plextor says Verbatim is the best for their burners. One question is when the burn is finished in merge the screen says merge successful and not burn successful,is that right.Aloha,Wildog


Aloha, Wildog! The burn logs should still be there unless you actually went in and manually deleted them. Verbatim blanks are excellent, the only kind I use and you should be fine with them. Tell me if your results with DVDFab have been good or bad so far: a word is missing from your post!:slight_smile: There may be some other problem or adjustment needed. Aloha, signals


Aloha signals, I did manually remove the logs and I have had great results with DVDFab. I have also used DVD+ DL blanks from Staples that worked just fine and called them to find out who makes their blanks, but right now I can’t remember who it was, but it wasn’t Sony or Memorex.Aloha,Wildog


Hi wildog,

No way to tell what flavor the disc is simply on the basis of the staples label.
Download Nero CD-DVD Speed (just click on the link). Put a blank disc in your burner, open the utlilty and click on the “Disc info” tab. The media code (MID) will be displayed. You can do lots more with this little gem of a utility… :wink:


Aloha Maineman, Remembered the Staples discs were Imations.Aloha,Wildog