Merge Mode - Compilation Problem

Please can someone check this for me.

I am trying to do a DVD music compilation using 8 of my DVD’s copied onto my Hard drive. The merge mode will only allow me to select as a 'SOURCE" a maximum of 6 of the Video files on my HDD. As soon as I try and select the 7’th file DVDFab says it is unable to open source.

I have tried changing the files to ISO’s and it will only do a maximum of 6 again. I understand that as I get to about the 5th source selection the video quality is at about 25%, so I remove the chapters I do not want in the compilation and the quality is then at 100%.

Is this my system or is it a function with DVDFab Platinum? Please can someone try this for me and see if they get the same results.

Hi StirlingMac

I believe the limit is 6 don’t know for sure, Signals knows more about the merge mode then anyone at this time.
I’m sure when he comes online he will answer your thread

BTY welcome


I’ve tried 5 sources but not six yet. I will try it and get back to you here. In the meantime, you might try removing the titles you don’t want as you add the source (on the first screen) rather than going back and doing it later. EDIT: A work around for this would be to go ahead and merge the compilation with 6 sources to either ISO or HDD file, then use it as a source for a new compilation with the remaining sources. An extra step but should work OK.

Also stops for me when adding 7th source. Use the workaround in boldface in my other post.

Hi Signals and StormJumper - you guys are stars.

Thanks again for the prompt help. Used the workaround as Signals suggested and it worked fine. The extra step is really no problem as the merge process is so quick.

Do you think Fengtao will look into this?

Most likely will if he reads this thread


Hi Tim and Stirlingmac. Yes, I feel sure he will. Things like this that get mentioned in threads have a way of magically showing up in a future beta.:slight_smile: Glad the workaround got your compilation done.

Dear all,

We will fix more than 6 sources problem in next release.

Best Regards,

Will it detect more than 6 destinations? I have not tried yet.:clap:

Thank you, Fengtao:clap:!

Hi Signals

You were right, Fengtao is on the ball and very quick to get on top of things.

Thanks again for your help and thanks Fengtao.