Merge - Is This Possible


I’m using DVDFab 5 to copy DVDs to my hard drive for playback under Vista Media Centre. So far I’m pleased with the results.

Iim largely copying just the movie and keeping everything as VOB files as I have plenty of storage space and don’t want to downgrade the quality.

I have the Lord of the Rings special extended edition DVDs and thought it would be an idea to merge Disc 1 and 2 of each edition for a seamless movie. I’m happy how the merge function works but because of the size of the DVDs it is downgrading the quality as it is trying to fit onto a single DVD9 size disc.

Is it possible to just output the vobs and ignore the size - I’m not actually interested in transferring onto a DVD.

Thanks for any help

You can set a larger maximum size for DVD-9 in Common Settings->Write, but the maximum is 10000MB, so I think you will still get some compression. You could try running the parts you want through DVD to Mobile->Generic->VOB Passthrough and then using some editing software to join them. Google “MPG joiner”.

Many thanks for the quick response.

Out of interest is there any particular benefit (ignoring the current merge question) to me outputting to a single vob file using pass through as opposed to using the DVD to DVD Main Move option outputting to a folder on a hard drive.


Not that I can think of, but it depends on what you want to do with the output. VOB Passthrough is not DVD-Video compliant (no VIDEO_TS folder, no IFO/BUP files etc.) but all of the DVD to DVD modes are. I suggested that because there is no compression and there are lots of freeware file joiners.

thanks for the clarification