Merge Function?

Can anyone give me a tutorial on how to use the Merge function in DVDFab? It seems to me (by the icons) that you should be able to take multiple sources (say Return on the King disk 1&2) and burn them to a single output file/DVD. Perhaps I just have wishful thinking?

Thanks for any help, advice or tips.


Check any post by Signal and look at the links in his signature.
He has put together some fantastic tutorials.

Merge will allow up to 64 sources. Post here if you have questions after reading the guides; there is also a sig link for converting flipper discs to a single disc (similar to what you may want to do).

Thanks for the kind words.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the excellent write up! I did not notice that the “Start” radio button changed to “Next” when you selected Merge - that was all it took!


Merge is a useful and powerful function. Glad you got it working.:slight_smile:

Hi Signal,
I’m new to the whole DVD copying ‘thing’. I want to Merge 2 discs into 1, I read your tutorial on Merging, And I was wondering what HDD is and how do I copy to it?

Hi texjoy. I should have spelled this out–HDD is Hard Disc Drive. You copy to it by clicking on the folder icon just to the right of the Target box. It will then ask you where to put the files; I usually create a new folder for content that I am going to use as a Source for Merge mode. Post back if you have any more questions.:slight_smile:

Thanks Signal! Which DvdFab Function do you use to copy to the HDD? I’m trying it in Main Movie mode, will that work?

It should do fine. I usually use Customize with the No Menus option checked since it gives a little more control over what goes in to the output files ( and the menus files will be discarded anyway in the Merge) and often a merge project uses only parts of what DVDFab would consider the Main Movie (concert excerpts, favorites from 'toon compilations,etc.) As I said in the tutorial, it really is easier than it reads.:slight_smile: Post back if you have additional questions. Hope it works OK for you.