Merge an avi file with ac3 audio stream

I have 2 files: an .avi file withou audio and an ac3 audio stream. I want to put them together ==> to one output file.

How can do it with Virtualdub?? A technique please…thanks

Open the 1st AVCI with VirtualDubMod. Do File___Append segment and load the 2nd. Be sure that Video__Direct Stream Copy is selected. Then do F7.
Load the saved ‘merged’ AVI. Do Stream___Stream list—>Add and add the AC3 stream. Again, Video__Direct Stream Copy selected, do F7.
The final movie will be an AVI with that file as sound (how did you get 2 AVIs and a joined AC3?).
If the sound goes aout - of sync, play with BeSweet adding some ms of silence. If you need to do more, you need to save the WAV and edit it. Then, compress it to MP2 and again … F7.


I may have misunderstood but I don’t think you should do direct stream copy bcoz if I understood you correctly you dont have two avi video files but I video only file and 1 audio only file. If this is right then just do the second part of what aldaco12 said i.e.Open the Avi, go to Audio Processing, Do Stream _ Stream list, add the Ac3 Audio Stream. and Video Direct Stream copy. This should get you the output you desire and if you do have sync probs, there is a freeware(at least was last time I checked) utility called Resync(even VDub has a resync utility, could be wrong about this) which does a good job.

Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.