Merge 2 DVD

Just purchase a movie and I like to make a backup copy, my problem is the movie consists of 2 DVD.

Is there any way I can merge them into one single-layered DVD ?

Just purchase a movie and I like to make a backup copy, my problem is the movie consists of 2 DVD.

I usually use Nero-V6’s Recode to shrink DL-DVD to SL-DVD. What should I do in this case, how do I merge the 2 DVD into one?

In Recode, choose “Remake a DVD” option. Choose the Titles you want to import. Optional: under My disc entry you can multi-select the titles and click on “Merge Titles” button. What it does is it merges all selected titles to be under one VTS in which each individual title will reside in a separate PGC. If you don’t choose “Merge Titles” method, then each title will be in a VTS of its own.

Note that by choosing “Remake a DVD” option, you will lose all menus. This method is similar to DVD Shrink’s Reauthor mode. Should you want to retain the menus and everything else in tact, the best program to use is DvdReMake (Pro) as it can merge 2-4 DVDs while keeping the menus from each DVD.


What version of Nero are you referring? I am running Nero V6.6.1.4 and when I opened up Recode-2, I did not see: “Optional -> My disc -> Merge…”.

"I like to backup a movie but the movie consists of 2 DVDs.
Is there any way I can merge them into one single-layered DVD ?

I have both Nero and DVDFab. I asked similar question in both Nero and DVDFab forums. I like to know my options."

Not sure if I violated the forum rules or not. When I posted this in Nero forum, I wanted to find out how to do this in Recode. I again posted it here because I would like to know how to do this in DVDFab. Liek I said, I like to know my options before deciding which one to use.

Hi mis3,

Yes, it is against forum rules and this is actually the third thread that you’ve created, but here you go.

No, this isn’t possible with fab, unless you’re willing to do some tinkering and even then I’m not certain it’s feasible. Frankly, it’s not worth the hassle to try.

You’ll need re-authoring software…shrink comes to mind…it’s free, pretty versatile and been around forever. There is other software as well.

Good luck.

I’m running Recode, yours is newer minor update. Functionality is the same regardless. It is not at the main screen, it is after you select “Remake a DVD” button. The My Disc entry is under the Content column. The Merge Titles button on the right side of window is enabled only after you import the titles and multi-select the titles under My Disc entry.

Thanks. Looks like my only option is Nero Recode.

I tried the option “Copy Multiple DVD-Video Movies to One” and no matter what I tried, the button “Merge Titles” is always grayed out. I could import disk-1 but not disk-2.

Disk-1 contains 3.91 GB and disk-2 contains 3.64 GB. All the menus, special features, etc are in disk-1. The first few chapters reside in disk-1 and the rest reside in disk-2.

I then opened up “Recode DVD-Video” and tried to import disk-2 first. An error message “Cannot open VTS_01_MENU_1.VOB.”.

Where do you see the option “Copy Multiple DVD-Video Movies to One”? Apparently, we’re not looking at the same screen or you’re having a different version of Recode2 than I do. Show me the screenshot and indicate why “Merge Titles” is grayed out. Did you multi-select the titles under My Disc entry?

You can import disk 2 by selecting the disk 2’s folder under Import Title dialog.

Why do you want to import the menu vob? I already said you will lose the menus, so selecting this menu vob will serve no purpose as you cannot select it anyway. It will be treated as any other title.

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Are these discs originals or previously split from a dual-layer disc?

You may be overlooking the DvdReMake option given by toaddub in his original reply. If they are originals and you want to keep all the menu’s etc., just do a full disc backup with DVD Shrink, compressing to about 2.1GB each. Then merge the resulting dvd’s onto one disc with DvdReMake - it will add a simple menu to select between Disc1 or Disc2 (link given above).

There’s some nice things you can do with DVD Shrink in Re-Author mode for merging as well:

I do not understanding. I asked this question in both Nero Recode and DVDFab forums because I would like to find out how to do this in both softwares.

Should I ask how to merge 2 DVD in DVDFab in Recode forum? No problem but I hope some DVDFab experts reads Recode forum.

You are right. I cannot find the option “DVD Remake” in my Nero.

I only see “Copy Multiple DVD-Video Movies to One” which is basically a variation of Recode. Strange? My Nero is V6.6.1.4.

No, no :disagree: ! DvdReMake (Pro) is a seperate program, nothing to do with Nero :slight_smile: .

I see. DvdReMake is another software !!!

I already purchased Nero and DVDFab, not sure if I want to spend more money for additional software. There is no need to merge DVD since almost all movies now come with one DVD-9.