Merge 2 dvd movies into one?

Can I get two dvd movies, compress them to half size and merge them so they only make one dvd while I still keep the subtitles? Not interested in menus, just subtitles.

I can already compress them to half size, just need to know how to make one dvd out of the two.

Hi chilly,
DVD Shrink will do this.

regards, katzz:)

DVDshink will?

Well that was conveniant, its what I used to compress the files in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Aren’t you concerned about the picture quality after all that compression?

it is not the mater of compression or quality.
I have 2 DVD of sienfeld with selectd show using DVDshrink each 1 hour. now I want to merge them.
Can anyone help Please?

Use re-author mode, there’s a tutorial around somewhere but essentially you just back up both discs from the same session of Shrink. But most any authoring tool will do this also.