Mercury PCI Tv Tuner Card issues


I bought the Mercury PCI Tv Tuner Card today, installed fine, just getting the channels to tune in is the problem.

The FM radio works fine. The channels sometimes show up on auto-scan, but when I try to go to them manualy nothing happens.

Any help?


Is this a analog or a sat card?

In general the cards software is not very good, try Dscaler

What capture-chip is it based on? BT878?

Its an analog card I THINK.

Thanks for the responses.

I found it out features the
Phillips 713X Chipset
Does that help?

Dscaler wont work then, your best bet is 3rd party software like ChrisTV (apparently only Philips WDM Driver is supported) if the included software doesn’t work. Also, check for new drivers.

Cool. Thanks. I should know not to buy stuff that has the Mercury, brand, they do have a good price tag (I wont say value), but their products are hard to geting running properly/don’t do the job i want. I.e, the VCD/CD player they released a while ago.

Right. I downloaded the freeware version of ChrisTV, and i get a picture but no sound. Is this a limitation on the freeware?

If so, could you suggest another program that will be ok and i dont mind if i have to pay i just want to know if the card/program works so i can purchase.

Have you pluged in the clinch (i don’t know how to explain in english, the cable from headphones) from TV Card to Line-In?

Also it could be that you have selected the false audio source, check this :wink:

These are only the things i would suggest.

Ok, ive done all of this, it seems that the professional version of ChrisTV supports sound, but the sound seems to be very muffled, like it has a faint hissing in the background. Why is this?

Again, can anyone suggest another decent tv card program which supports the Phillips chipset.


Maybe i’m missunderstanding something, but in Dscaler is Philips available under option “Tuner”, but Dizzy is propably the expert in this things :wink:

Ok, im using Dscaler now, im getting video but no audio. Any help?


Click on the picture with right mouse click and check following things

NameofyourChipset Card - Audio Input / Standard / Channel

(my settings are “tuner” / “B/G Dual FM Stereo” / “Stereo”)

i hope this helps :wink:

Ok, i go to audio input, all i get is line 1/2 (niether work), and Tuner is greyed out. Any suggestions?


My english is very poor, what means greyed out?

To be honest i thought you were native, it means you cant click it, unavaible.

You should have crossbar setting, if you fiddle around with the driver settings (without a program) you should be able to set “tuner” as audio source. Don’t forget to enable the input channel on the soundcard (playback).

How do i set tuner as audio source? I looked on windows tuner and its not there as well as creatives tuner.

no my native language is german :wink:

try to disable the drivers from the mercury card in the windows system conifguration, this has worked with my card

Please explain what you mean?