silly thing :slight_smile:

Ahhh ain’t that cute. I love kitties :wink:

i love cats - but only with a good chili sauce :wink:

no real: i hate cats, the most useless animals!

Love Animals :slight_smile: especialy cats and dogs :slight_smile: … about animals u can say they will never lie to u and always will be whit u :stuck_out_tongue:

A drunk cat???


A little kitten for you :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

What about a liger? They’re HUGE!


Heeeeeere kitty kitty

Does ligers bite?

I like all cats … a little independence is good.

Dogs are such stupid animals.

aka: Stubborness & independence is a sign of intelligence.

bow-wow, woof-woof

they don’t need to, they can swallow you whole :wink:

Not like the over ambitious snake swallowing the alligator then :wink:

dog’s are more inteligent than u think …

Oh really? Can’t imagine any other animal doing this.


He just wanna stay alive. He knows that if he moves, he’s gonna get gunned down by that ugly law enforcer.

/me loves cats underwear