MenuShrink Version 2.2 is here!



MenuShrink Version 2.2 is here!

Version 2.2 has the following main new features:

  • [li]You can keep some of the menus animated if you want to. The preview
    [/li]panel has one more button to do that and tells you what the size of the original
    menu cell is so you can decide whether to shrink it or not.
    [li]The progress bar has a much finer grain and no longer looks stuck when
    [/li]loading very large cells.

along with a couple bug fixes.
Get the new version at the usual place:
Make sure to refresh the download page to get version 2.2!

Here’s the change log.


  • [li]The progress bar has a much finer grain (no longer looks stuck when reading
    [/li]large cells)
    [li]There is a new “Keep” button in the preview panel, to keep a menu animated.
    [/li][li]The preview panel now displays the size of the menu cell to help decide
    [/li]whether to keep it or not.


[li]The engine now supports preserving animated menus.
[/li][li]MenuShrink now fixes the VTSM_VOBU_ADMAP table when it’s not correct to begin with.
Bug Fixes:

  • [li]Restore backup was behaving poorly when the backup directory hadn’t been
    [/li]created yet.
    [li]The number of included SPUs (subpic units) has been increased from 1 to 4 per
    [/li]cell. This should fix problems previously encountered in some (rare) DVDs
    (incredibles R4 for example).



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