MenuShrink & RipIt4Me



I have set up MenuShrink in RipIt4Me to take the place of DVDShrink so that it opens after my movies are ripped, I then shrink the menus then open DVDShrink from MenuShrink. This seems to work fine.
My question - is this the best way to set up MenuShrink? None of the guides I have read mention using MenuShrink in this way.



I have Menu Shrink (one of my all time favorite apps :bow: to jeanl) in my tools in RI4M and use it on every DVD I do except a few of the DVDs I back up for my grandson. I usually open the rip in shrink, then close it, then call Menu Shrink from the tools, run it, then run other tools (PgcEdit, VobBlanker) from within Menu Shrink if I want to edit something outta the movie VTSs then call shrink again.


@jm1647 if I understand right you are running menushrink after DVDShrink then running FixVTS and DVDShrink a second time?
Making a copy goes this route for me - RipIt4Me - DVDDecrypter - FixVTS - MenuShrink (from within RipIt4Me) - DVDShrink (from MenuShrink), then burn with Imgburn.
I just want to make sure that I am doing it the correct way for best quality.


I rip with RI4M/DVDDecrypter, FixVTS to clean up the rip then open shrink to just check out the results, [U]EDIT - I don’t shrink anything just see what it looks like, then I close shrink[/U]. Then I open MenuShrink from the RI4M tools to shrink the menus with no audio, then I open up Pgcedit from MenuShrink to do a trace and remove any cells that I want to from the VTSs, run FixVTS from within Pgcedit if needed and then use DVDShrink from the MenuShrink Tools, then burn.

Using MenuShrink and PgcEdit to delete cells will leave minimal unreferenced material which shows up in DVDShrink. I like to cut my backups to the bone and usually only do movie and menu J2M backups with RI4M


Isn’t that long and lenghty process for making simple DVD cop?.


The simple way would be to do a full rip and burn to DL media.

Gets 'em just the way I want 'em and is how I know how to get them there. It also give me the opportunity to learn how to use programs like PgcEdit and Vobblanker, and DVD RemakePro. I like movie and menus (shrunk of course) for the chapter selection, and no extras of any kind or studio intros, previews, deleted scenes or whatever and I like my backup cut to the bone because I keep em on a PC with 1.5TB of space for a media server I’m thinking of putting together.