MenuShrink 2.0 is here!

MenuShrink Version 2.0 is here!

MenuShrink is a small application that turns large motion menus into tiny still
menus with or without audio. Menus can usually be shrunk down to 5% to 10% of
their original size, while keeping full functionality.

Version 2.0 has the following main new features:

[li]New Preview mode allows you to visually select which image to use in each menu.
[/li][li]The output DVD are more compliant than before. The remaining problems with highlights not showing on some DVD players have been fixed.
[/li][li]Cells with “non-functional” buttons are now skipped.
[/li][li]There’s an new panel to set the path to your favorite apps.
along with many improvements and bug fixes.
Get the new version at the usual place:

Here’s the change log.


[li]Added selection with video preview for the still frame.
[/li][li]MenuShrink remembers which frames were manually selected for the last processed DVD.
[/li][li]MenuShrink can reload the last opened DVD.
[/li][li]Added tool buttons and a path panel to set them up.
[/li][li]Added support for messages in french.
[/li][li]Added better command-line support. Pass video_ts.ifo and you open the full DVD. Pass vts_01_0.vob and only that VTS is marked for processing.
[/li][li]If the VTSM_C_ADT table isn’t correct to begin with, MenuShrink no longer crash.
[/li][li]The VTS selection panel has been improved.

[li]MenuShrink now produces more compliant single-VOBU cells in no-audio mode.
[/li][li]In audio mode, the audio is no longer clipped when the buttons appear late in the menu.
[/li][li]MenuShrink now picks the smallest frame for transition clips (menu intros/outros).
[/li][li]MenuShrink now squashes and attempts to skip cells that have non-functional buttons (either tiny buttons, or buttons that all have NOP commands).
Bug Fixes:

[li]Fixed a bug in the pack identification routine that caused an audio pack to be mistaken for a navpack in Godzilla!!!
[/li][li]Fixed a problems with tools when the path to the DVD folder had spaces in it.
[/li][li]Occasional highlight delay has been fixed.
[/li][li]The few remaining problems with highlights not showing on some DVD and some players have been ironed out.

Here’s the thread for version 1.0.


I never noticed this before, but menu size is 1.8GB? this can be 35 minutes of simple movie?

#1: From 1846MB to 6.9MB (Mulholland Drive, R? shrunk by Whitespliff). See here!
#2: From 1449MB to 17.2MB (Godzilla R2, shrunk by nwg and Mig$y). See here!
#3: From 1391MB to 11.9MB (Black Hawk Down R2, shrunk by Mig$y). See here!

Yeah, there might have been something a bit fishy in this one, I don’t remember the details but there might have been a few minutes of black screen somewhere in the menu domain… But as you can see, it’s not just Mulholland drive… Some of these guys are just insane! 1GB, that’s 1/8th of the total space, just for menus!

Thanks for keeping up the work, Jeanl.

I’ve played with a couple disk and was wondering if the following idea would work (and might make it into MenuShrink 3.0)!

It has to do with the delayed highlighting thing. I just shrunk a movie (“Blow” Reg. 1 US) where the menu buttons seem to become active BEFORE the highlighting is turned on.

MenuShrink still provides a working menu, but it is a bit peculiar in that the first time you get to the main menu, you see the buttons but not where you are among them … you can click on them (with my mouse if using showtime) and the links work as expected … or you can hit the next chapter button and get skipped ahead to a different version of the same menu (but this one has the highlighting turned on). OR – you can just wait a few seconds and you automatically progress to the next menu (the one with the highlighting turned on).

The problem is that when using a stand alone, you don’t know where you are in the menu (by just using the arrow buttons and pushing “enter/select”) because there is no highlighting to track your progress.

I tried (Control-K) Killing the first (unhighlighted) menu but that caused showtime to crash. I restored and re-shrunk the menus normally with no REAL problems, just that minor inconvenience.

BTW, I LOVE that you can now select which frame to use! GREAT JOB! So handy! That’s just great for movies where sometimes the default frame from the previous version happened to have a shadow passing over the menu button … or something like “Men In Black 2” where the button text does 3-D transitions and sometimes isn’t readable when it is edge-on. I really love the new version!

So anyway, my idea is this. And remember, I can’t quite get my head around the intracacies of disk authorship, which is why I need your tool in the first place!

would there be a way to detect if two different menus, played in sequence, had the same links? and therefor, disable one of them?

What I mean is, I know Menushrink didn’t get rid of the first menu (without the highlights) because the buttons were there, and they worked. But that menu spills into another menu after a certain amount of time, automatically, anyway.

Could Version 3.0 maybe look for Menus that spill into another menu (needing no interaction to do it) … and then determine if the links in the first menu were any different from the links in the second menu? If not … could it reauthor the dvd so the first menu can be skipped automatically?

Does that make sense?

If not, go ahead and take a well-earned vacation.

Blue Skies!

Once the motion menus are converted to stills and - for example - 3 appear to have duplicate functionality, there would not be a significant amount of space saved to merit the exercise.



Right. I asked not with the goal of saving space, but making the menu function more smoothly and intuitively. I know, kinda nit-picky. But every good programmer loves a challenge, right? Surely they don’t do it for the money?

zamboniguy, thanks for the detailed message. I am puzzled that you ran into that problem. The highlights should show in the first menu! So if they don’t this means I have a problem! But there was a small bug in version 2.0 that I fixed. The problem was that menus like the one you mention were not being skipped when they should have been. There’s an unofficial version 2.04 which you can get here.
Could you possibly try this version on that DVD and see if the menus work better?

If it does not, then I would be very interested to look at the shrunk DVD (just the menus). Could you possibly email me (if they’re really small - without audio of course) or send me via the menu IFOs and VOBs? I’ll take a look and see why these highlights don’t show up.

As fas as your idea of detecting when you have 2 menus that have the same “commands” that might work, but first I’d like to make sure MS really does the right thing. If there are buttons and highlights in the first menu to begin with, there’s really no reason to kill it, right? It should work in the shrunk DVD…
Thanks for the nice feedback!

EDIT: PS: my email is jeanldvd(at)free(dot)fr

This seems to get rid of the mutiple menus, I think, but there are still some intro clips shown. Lemme figure out again how to copy what you need. Everything ending in “0”, right?

A lot of the DVD’s with 1GB+ menus are R2 or other PAL DVD’s. Some R2 DVD’s have full motion video and mutiple languages. I have several with three or four different language menus. I use MenuShrink to get rid of everything except the English menus.

yes, plus video_ts.vob and video_ts.ifo! I’m really interested in this! Everytime somebody mentions this kind of stuff, I discover a new, twisted way of authoring menus!
Latest case in point: Lord of the Rings The return of the King, R1. Very very strange menus (but menushrink does take care of them).


nwg, you must be using the “Kill” feature in the preview for that, right?


I then go through the menu to make sure it runs fine and I haven’t taken out something it needs.

Then you’re an “advanced user” per the user manual! :wink:


I then go through the menu to make sure it runs fine and I haven’t taken out something it needs.

I sometimes do a standard auto shrink and if it ends up really small then I just keep all stilled languages menus. I found out that sometimes, just keeping the English, only saves a couple of MB.


Ok. They are on the way. I shrunk them with WinRar. Sent both 2.04 and 2.0 (plus the original without the moving video menus - but I sent text files in their place). Total is 14.something MB. How much does your email allow? I can maybe google them to you … I have Gmail.

BTW, I might have goofed! I might have mistaken intro clips as active menus because I was doubleclicking on accident? I couldn’t exactly replicate the results I got the first time. I’ll try another movie… Might have been Star Trek VI. I forget. Got a few (four) hard drives full.

14MB should do. I don’t know what you mean by “google them to me”! Can you explain.
For large file, I’ve been using which allows up to 1 GB. Very convenient. But thanks, I’ll let you know what’s going on!

The email didn’t go through. I’m trying yousendit but that seems pretty slow too.
Gmail is just a free email that allows larger than normal attachments.

Hey, I don’t know if yousendit is working, there is no status bar, just the “progress bar” that shows motion but doesn’t indicate progress at all. I have to leave to go get dinner. I’ll try again later though. Thanks.