MenuShrink 1.0 is here!

MenuShrink Version 1.0 is here!

Version 1.0 has the following new features:

[li]Menu intros and outros can now be entirely skipped (most of them!) for a much smoother navigation. Thanks to blutach for the idea!
[/li][li]A slider to select which frame to use in the still menus (replaces the first/last/largest options in Beta 0.800)
[/li][li]A new “Soft DVD Player” button that can open the output DVD in a soft player (not all of them though, see user manual). Thanks Orion|69 for his help!
[/li][li]Four user-definable “hot keys” (F1-F4) to open the output DVD with your favorite tools. See the user manual for how to set that up.
along with a couple bug fixes.
Get the new version at the usual place:

Here’s the change log.


[li]Added a slider to select the still frame.
[/li][li]Added a toggle to skip or not skip buttonless cells (menu intros/outros).
[/li][li]Added user-definable hot keys F1 through F4. Requires editing the .ini file.
[/li][li]Added a Soft DVD Player button.
[/li][li]Added caption to Log Panel.
[/li][li]Added New icon. Thanks Emile!
[/li][li]Added message in red when error.
[/li][li]Added the OneSecondStill option in the INI file. Only set to 1 if your settop box freezes on very short<> cells (jsoto’s thomson player does!).

[li]Added code to skip a cell if it has no buttons, no cell command and a cell immediately following it in the PGC. This entirely skips many buttonless menu intro/outro.
[/li][li]The cell elapsed time is now corrected in the VOB files.
[/li][li]The button info is now back-propagated to the first NavPacks. Fixes the preview problem with PgcEdit
[/li][li]The end presentation time of the vobu is now adjusted for a 1-VOBU cell with no buttons. This makes the cell play much faster (in fact, it’s invisible on my settop).
[/li][li]Simplified processing when I-frame didn’t have enough room for end-of-sequence and padding code.
Bug Fixes:

[li]The video format (PAL/NTSC) was not updated when a new DVD was loaded. This is fixed.
[/li][li]Fixed crash when the number of VTS was larger than 23.

Here’s the thread for version 0.8.

[li]Menu intros and outros can now be entirely skipped (most of them!) for a much smoother navigation. Thanks to blutach for the idea![/li][/quote]

Don’t know if it helps you to know this any, but I just used 1.0 on Disk 1 of Jackie Brown Reg. 1 and whereas MenuShrink performs admirably by reducing menu size as advertised, there is an interesting thing happening with a few of the menus … the menu appears with button text (but not active) and then after 3 seconds or so, the background still image changes and the buttons become active.

I guess this is what you mean by “most of them”? This must not be the standard intro/outro that can be skipped, huh?

Lemme know if you need a log or anything. It really doesn’t bother me at all, but thought you might like to know of instances of non-compliance. I was gonna add to a busy thread on doom, but I’m not allowed to post yet :). I took a look at those other programs you rave about, but they seem way to technical for me. Thanks for dumbing it down for us!

Hi zamboniguy,
I think what you see is a case of “delayed highlights”, a known issue with version 0.800 and 1.0. This happens when the highlights don’t start right at the beginning of the cell in the original.
The next version will solve that small problem. In fact, it would help me a lot if you could try version 1.05 and tell me how it works on that DVD!
You can download it here:
It’s unofficial (I need to add a few features) but the “engine” has been revamped and creates much better menus (i.e., gets rid of the delayed highlights, keeps the audio from the start, and is compatible with more players - previous versions had problems with some old Sony players).

Let me know! Thanks in advance!

Hi again, Jeanl.

No luck; I tried version 1.05 on the same movie (Disk 2 has even more [menus] of the same), and I still get the “delayed highlighting” of which you speak. The intro IS skipped, the first thing I do see is the menu with the menu buttons … but it takes about 3 seconds for that menu to change into a menu with active buttons. (again, the background still image changes … as it is now taken from later in the original “video movie” that was the original moving background. Thanks for the prompt reply!

Well, in that case, I would need to see what’s going on. Could you possibly email the output menus (no audio, they should be small enough, right) in a zip file at
That would be great.
This is puzzling, I suspect something might be slightly broken, but I’d like to see the output VOB files!
Thanks a bunch!

Sure thing. On the way…

Hi Zamboniguy
Looking at the Jackie Brown DVD, I can see what the problem is.

  • Each menu is preceded by an intro clip of about 3-5 seconds. This intro clip actually has buttons, but they’re all squashed at the top left corner! You can see that easily in PgcEdit:

MenuShrink is fooled into thinking it should preserve this menu, which it does, but the menu is not functional, of course. I’m not sure whether I’ll improve MenuShrink to detect and skip such menus. In the meantime you can fix that easily in PgcEdit. If you double click on the PGC in question (the PGC for the menu that has the intro clip), you’ll see this:

You can see the intro clip 1/1 followed by the real menu 1/2 (click on the arrow for a preview). Now double click on the 1/1 button, and change that to read 1/2. Do that for all the menu intro clips. This will essentially skip them, in this case, playing 1/2 instead.
Save your DVD and test before burning.
This will take care of it…



I have the R2 version of Jackie Brown. I got the same problems.

The menus and DVD content is the same as the R1. The PgcEdit solution worked as well.

Ah Great info nwg! THanks a bunch! By the way, would you like to beta test the next release which has the preview (so you can select the I-frame for each menu)?
Let me know (send me a pm with your email and I’ll send the new version to you).

MenuShrink Version 2.0 is here!

New thread here;