I was wondering if there is any way to add a home made menu in DVD Fab Platinum. I really like how the program compresses info, but would love my own menu.

There is not a way to do this within DVDFab. All modes except Merge and Main Movie have the option to retain menus from the original disc, and the ability to add menus for Merge mode has been requested often and may be added in the future.

Is there any similar programs out there that do have a menu option?

What you’re trying to do is re-author the menus and any DVD authoring package will let you do this.


If you just want to do simple menus an easy DVD/BlueRay Authoring solution is TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3. It’s not a free progam but not too pricey.

[quote=smeubank;2213604]Is there any similar programs out there that do have a menu option?[/quote]Similar to DVDFab? No. There are other solutions as others have noted. Hopefully Fab will have this feature someday.

There are a couple of freeware menu creators.DVDFlick & DVDStyler.

The programs mentioned all require a re-encode of your titles in order to add the menu. Try Titlewriter - free program. Use the Make Menu feature. It places the custom menu directly into the Video_TS folder. You would need to use Fab Main Movie or Merge mode to create Titles from your source discs first.