i have several video’s of the kids over the years and have just bought a dvd recoder so i can put them onto dvd, which i have done, what i want to do now is add menu’s something easy to start with, so what i’m looking for is programs pref free and easy to use and tutorials, any help and advice at this stage would be very much appreciated as i haven’t a clue on this.
thanks in advance


Sounds like your movies are now in dvd-video format. Which means they should be vob files in a Video_TS folder on the disks.

Now you need an authoring program to make menus. I know of a couple of free ones, DVDStyler and GuiforDVDAuthor. Go to for more information, and guides to them. DVDStyler is pretty basic, with fewer options. GuiforDVDAuthor is rather intimidating for a newcomer, but has better documentation.

Commercial products like TMPGenc Author, Womble Mpeg Wizard DVD or Ulead Studio 11 should also be able to make menus for you.


I have used DVDStyler & if you DL the Guide & manual from their site.They help a lot.
I never did get GuiforDVDAuthor to work for me but I still have it & probably just need to play with it some more.