I am going to backup my Lost first season DVDs when I get them. I pre ordered them from Amazon. I was wondering if anyone knew of a DVD authoring program that will let you make your own generic menus. I only want to put two episodes per DVD so that I can keep the quality good. I don’t want to keep the original menus just because I’m picky and don’t want thing on the menu that aren’t actually on the DVD. :slight_smile:


CloneDVD2 won’t - Nero Vision Express 3 will - never personally used it though - you might be better asking a mod to move this thread to a more general forum.


Yeah, Vision Express will work ok. I sometimes do exactly what you want to do.
Other times I’ll put two or more episodes on a single disc using DVD Shrink without any menus, then the episodes just play one after the other which is usually fine.


sorry edited post - made a small mistake!!


Just to note (as this is a CloneDVD forum): With elby CloneDVD2 you can reach the same result. It will create a DVD, where the episodes will play one after the other, if you leave out menus.


Tru - I know what forum this is - I was just answering a question posed in THIS FORUM. CloneDVD2 will work if all the episodes come from one original disc - I gave a more universal answer. Also as far as I know CloneDVD2 will not create menus. I’m I wrong?