Menus on DVDs using Nero Start Smart




I am looking for information on how to put dvd menus on my copied dvds. I am looking at putting multiple movies on a single dvd but I don’t have any clue on how to put a menu on the disc.

If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it.



you will need a dvd authoring program. recommend you take a look at either nero visionexpress or tmpgenc dvd author.


One of the best programs i use is DVDLab


This is the program i use to put multiple movies on 1 Dvd:
Usually the movies are vcds or svcds and i’ve put 5 movies on 1 dvd. On a 2.5 p4 it takes about 30-40 minutes because it doesnt recode the whole movie. I tried the demo and liked it so much i ‘donated’ $10 for the full version. If you’re looking to put more than one movie on 1 dvd of course you will have to convert the movies to a smaller format(avi or mpg).