Menus not working with ISO image burn



When I use CloneDVD2 v2.8.5.1 to clone a DVD with output to a DVD writer, my menus work as expected. When the same movie is used with ISO output then the ISO is burned to a DVD in a second step, the menus look as though they are preserved, but once I select a scene PowerDVD hangs and my regular DVD player waits briefly then starts playing from the first chapter.

This has happened on my last two movies, but not on the first one I copied. (I’m a new user, and only tried three movies so far.)

I’m not aware of any settings I have changed, and the media type and drives were the same in all of the operations. I’m not dropping anything from the original DVD – these all fit at 100% quality while leaving the entire DVD contents selected.

Is there a reason menus wouldn’t work from ISO image based copies?


Some more information. From the forums I learned about the virtual DVD drives which let you play directly from an ISO file. When I try that, the menus in the ISO actually do work correctly. But when I burn that ISO to a blank DVD, the menus appear and can be navigated, although as reported in the previous post, selecting any entry does not work on either my PC (PowerDVD v6) or on a standalone DVD player.

What is a possible cause for this? The same media, at the same write speed, works fine when doing a direct output without creating an ISO first.