Menus in DVD Shrink

I’m quite new to DVD burning and I’m having trouble getting the menus to work.

In DVD Shrink when I try and put the menu on a re-aouther disc it tells me that it can’t be done and that the menus will appear only as normal video clips. The only way for a functioning menu is to use full backup.

So how I do Take the extras and other stuff I don’t need in order to get it to fit on a single disc off with keeping a full menu?

Also how low can you go on the compression before the quality gets to bad?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

You can’t keep the menu if you aren’t keeping all the stuff on the DVD. If you don’t keep the menu and just reauthor it with the main movie thenit will just play in the DVD player like a VHS tape would auto play. you don’t need the menu, but you won’t be able to search through the scene selection but you’ll still be able to track through them.I don’t take the compression down past 75%.

If you wanna keep the menus, you’ll have to super compress everything. You can’t put in the menus and movie separately in re-author mode, at least not w/ DVD Shrink.