Menus and Subtitles

Hi guys

I am trying to make a back up of one of my dvds to include the menus & subtitles. I use DVDFab in full disc mode, then use FixVTS. Then using DVD shrink in full disc to include main movie, extras & menus, i create an iso & burn with imgburn. When i playback my copy using wmp or power dvd, it shows the menu, but when i select any language (english or spanish) my player just freezes. Can anyone please help me out here’ thanks.
Ive tried burning only main movie using re author in dvd shrink and movie plays ok, but i’de like to have the menu & extras too. Thx for any advice :slight_smile:

What “model” of DVDFab are you using? (Gold, Platinum, Free?)

Hi signals its the free version, thanks.

Hi cyspur. You might try the new beta,, to see if it helps. A fix was put in for Shrink problems, but others are still reporting difficulties (but only with some titles). I would also suggest downloading the version of DVDFab Platinum for a 30-day free trial. You may find that you could do everything with that (jump to main menu, jump to main title, clean unref. VTS, etc.) without having to use so many different apps. Just a thought, hope something will work.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice signals, i’ll give your points a try. :slight_smile:

In addition to my good friend signals’ advice, I’d suggest you take a look at this “work-around”. I hardly ever use shrink anymore, but was experimenting with it on the “Hairspray thread” here on the Fab forum. Even when running the files through FixVTS, shrink failed. However, this work-around seem to do the trick. I didn’t follow this exactly…but it worked just fine.

[QUOTE=zipper88;1937045]use dvd fab hd decrypter 4012 in full disc mode to get hairspray to harddrive. use shrink to analyse full disc folder and use reauthor. drag main movie (about 4.9g) drop on shrink dvd struccture and encode to a folder. burn with what ever you like. try this to see result.
happy ripping,
the zip[/QUOTE]