Menus and Extras using DVD2ONE

Sorry to start this new thread but, man, I can’t seem to get things working correctly no matter what I do. And I do think it can be done – but how?? I’d appreciate the best minds being put to the task.

I’m going to quote mself ========

I just tried it with a movie and here’s what happens. I’m going to walk through the stages to see if you can identify what I’m doing wrong.

I have all the files on my HD from DVD Decrypter.

I identify the main movie. In this particular case it is VTS_04_1.VOB - VTS_04_5.VOB. I move these files out of the original directory, leaving VTS_04_0.VOB (the menu) behind in the original directory.

I run DVD2ONE (adjusting the size) on the VOB’s. It produces a working movie. When I rename the directory VIDEO_TS and double click the DVD2ONE produced VIDEO_TS.IFO, WINDVD fires up and plays the movie perfectly. The time line and its slider bar work normally. It comes to the end when the movie ends.

I’m now ready to move the 4 DVD2ONE authored files (VTS_01_1.VOB through VTS_01_1.VOB) into the original directory, but I rename them VTS_04_1.VOB through VTS_04_4.VOB first.

I fire up ifoedit and point it toward VTS_04_0.IFO and select GET VTS SECTORS.

When I play the movie everything seems to work fairly well except for the timeline, which is what is at issue for me every time I try this. It’s particularly noticeable at the end of the movie, if I drag the progress bar across the timeline. The movie ends before the timeline does, meaning the bar can be dragged further but the movie has already ended. This usually fires up the DVCC ad.


Beyond this, though, I’d also like to be able to reduce the size of some of the extras. I have some disks that run around 8.5 G with 5 G is dediacted to the movie and the other 3.5 to the extras. I hate to sacrifice so much to incorporate the extras but “doing” the movie without reducing the extras requries that.

When I try reducing an extra, here’s what I’ve tried but never works.

I copy a VOB to another directory. I ask ifoedit to create an IFO. I run DVD2ONE against the IFO and VOB and then copy the VOB back to the directory and run ifoupdate against the original IFO. Navigation is usually way off. How can this be accomplished without navigation problems.

I think a guide from one of the pros will answer the issues that a lot of us are having.

Thanks for your time…

Instead of doing this.

"I fire up ifoedit and point it toward VTS_04_0.IFO and select GET VTS SECTORS. "

Replace the above with ifoupdate select your original and your authored ifo. Click on update ifo then Get vts sectors and you are all done.

Yes Please! A step by step guide would be GREAT!

>“I think a guide from one of the pros will answer the issues that a lot of us are having.”<

On a side note… Is it possible to just make a second DVD with all of the extras on it? I tried to get the extras from REIGN OF FIRE. There are 3 different things in the extras and all that would play was the first one. There are some DVD’s that I find the extras very interesting. (I’m a 3D Artist / Animator)
Any Ideas?

ok here are my findings as to a full backup as of yet:

i am in the prossess of backing up a full copy of clearks.

I ripped the whole movie in one dir. then just got the movie vobs (01_0x.vob) and the ifo for that and put it in a seprete folder. in this movies case no renaming had be be done.

then i made the movie output size small enuff so that the extras and the movie would fit on a dvd-r.

after dvd2one prossessed the files i took the original 01.ifo and put it back in the original folder , then i took the files that dvd2one made and put them in that folder along with all the other extras.

then i fired up ifoedit and opend up the 01_01.ifo and then chose “vob Extras” i think and messed around with some of the settings. dont remember wich ones but i only checed 1 or 2. then i pressed ok or create or something.
after it was done, it created what looked like a working ifo file for my movie. i tested it out using image tools and mounting the folder onto a vertual drive. then ran the thing thru windvd. and it looks like it plays perfect on the computer. but i did not have time to burn a disk to try on my stand alone player. i will post the results here tomarrow.:cool:

My thanks to both Hunk(from a previous thread) and NYplayer for their help in backing up a complete DVD with DVD2one. It was fast and actually easy once you know how.

I backed up Gladiator earlier and tested it with Power DVD hard disk mode. I always do this test before burning, DVD coasters cost $$$. LOL While the movie worked, the menu was not in sync and would not respond past chapter 21, the movie has 29 chapters. I did this backup using HUNK’s method and while the whole DVD was there. it obviously wasn’t working properly.

If you read the threads regarding full backup, you’ll see their instructions. The thing that made the difference for me was using IFOUPDATE instead of IFOEDIT to “update” the IFOs and THEN get VTS sectors. Gladiator works perfectly and looks very good.

I also made a backup using Instant Copy and now with DVD2one’s ability to define the size, the end result files were almost exactly the same approx 4.3gb, for the FULL DVD. I watched about 20 minutes or so of the same chapters with both output files and in Power DVD the Mbps were nearly identical.

Some scenes in the IC version were a bit higher, some scenes in the DVD2one version were higher. Overall, they seemed to stay in the same area. The quality on both were very, very good. I believe before transcoding Gladiator was approx 7.5gb, so both progs did a great job.

I like both progs but I have to say that it’s pretty damn cool to have a full backup in approx 25-30 minutes(not counting rip/burn) with DVD2one. IFOUPDATE took about 2-3 minutes to get the new files, should take even less now that I know what I’m doing.LOL IC took approx 2 hours to transcode. Basically, I can do at least 2 movies with DVD2one in about the sametime IC takes to do 1 movie and with similar results.

As I said, I like both progs but I’ll use DVD2one and keep IC in the wings in case I run into any problems with a particular movie.

Again my thanks to HUNK and NYPLAYER and of course, HUGE props to Erwin, Rene and anyone else connected with DVD2one.

BTW, I’ll burn both disks with RecordNow Max, this program always works for me…every time!


But it doesn’t always work. I have tried the ifoupdate method, too, but if a VOB has multiple titles the navigation goes awry.

For example, I tried to reduce the size of an extra. It was VTS_08_1.VOB. I put this and its associated ifo in a folder. DVD2ONE is happy to shrink it but it also shows that the VOB has more than one title. I don’t select any of the titles, thinking it might give me all of them by default. But when I process it, and copy it back to the original directory and run ifoupdate (update ifo and correct vts sectors), part of the functionality is lost. For VOBs that only show 1 title, it seems to work well, but for others, with multiple titles, it doesn’t seem to handle the processing.


I don’t think you followed the sequence correctly.


I’m happy to outline this method so others may make full backups with DVD2one. But please, if you have problems – don’t throw stones, don’t complain, don’t call the software “crap” – if you don’t like it, just don’t use it.

This method has worked every time (so far) for me:

You need DVDDecrypter (free), IFOEDIT (free), IFOUpdate (free), and DVD2one (v1.01 or .02). You will also need one of the plethora of burning packages.

  1. Rip the movie to a directory in file mode using DVDDecrypter. Make sure you select ALL the files in the selection window. For the purposes of this guide we’ll call the destination directory “d:\original”

  2. Look at the directory and find the VTS (VOB set) that holds the movie. It is usually the largest set. In the example let’s assume its VTS_02_X.VOB, so the files might be VTS_02_0.VOB through VTS_02_7.VOB.

  3. Move (don’t copy – it takes too long) all the files in the VTS except the _0.VOB file to another directory. Let’s call this directory d:\input. Rename them all to VTS_01_X.VOB (X represents whatever number is there already – don’t change it)

  4. Run IFOEDIT and push the “Create IFOs” button. Choose the first file in the directory (d:\input\VTS_01_1.VOB). Make sure “Create a single PGC” and “Create Chapter for Each Cell” on clicked on. IFOEDIT will take a few minutes and create a new set of IFO files based upon the CELL structure in the d:\input directory.

  5. Now create a new directory and call it d:\output.

  6. Right click on in the “d:\original” directory (see step 1) and see how much space it takes (the part that’s left over after you’ve moved the VTS files). This is the amount of space you need to reserve for extras/menus. Let’s assume it is 600MB just for our example.

  7. Run DVD2one. You’ll see that the default size is 4472MB. Subtract the number you got in step 6 – so 4472 - 600 = 3872. That’s the size you want to set as output. In addition, to make sure I don’t have to do it over, I subtract a little more. So I’ll use 3800 (its a nice round number) – enter it in the DVD2one size box.

  8. Now set your DVD2one source to “d:\input” (or whatever name you used in step 3). Set the destination to “d:\output”. Run DVD2one. You will see that there is always only one PGC at this point no matter what was in the original movie – that’s a good thing. IFOUpdate’s job is to fix that later. Let DVD2one do its magic.

  9. At the end you have a new VTS in the “d:\output” directory. It will include files ending in IFO, BUP, and VOB.

  10. In the “d:\output” directory rename the files VTS_01_1.VOB through the last one (probably VTS_01_4.VOB) to match the original set names from step 2/3 (in our example it was named VTS_02_X.VOB). Many times you won’t have to rename it because it was 01 anyway. Now move the files (after renaming) to the “d:\original” directory. Remember: DON’T MOVE THE _0 FILE and don’t move (or delete) the .IFO and .BUP files – only VTS_XX_1 through the last of the VOBs. The IFO will be used in step 12…

  11. You’re almost done. The VTS exists where it should, and the size is correct – but the sector pointers in the original directory’s VTS_02_0.IFO file points to places that don’t exist anymore. IFOUpdate will fix that.

  12. Run IFOUpdate. Set the original IFO Path to “d:\original\VTS_02_0.IFO” (or whatever name matches the VTS you worked on). Set the “Authored IFO Path” to the IFO created by DVD2one (“d:\output\VTS_01_0.IFO”). Under the “Mode” dropdown menu, select “Adjusted Cell Mode”. In the “Options” dropdown menu make sure the only two items checked are “Autocorrect VTS Sectors” and “Autoanalyze Original IFO.”

  13. Push the “Update IFO” button.

  14. You now have a directory ready to burn using the package of your choice. I normally run PowerDVD to make sure everything works before burning.

This is the first time I am using DVDDecrypter in “File Mode”.
It gets 6% into the job and I get a window that pops up and asks…
“The destination folder already contains a file named:”
“Would you like to replace the existing file?”

The rename it suggests is…

I’m not sure what to do at this point?
can you help?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by jdobbs

  1. Rip the movie to a directory in file mode using DVDDecrypter. We’ll call this directory “d:\original”

I’ve never seen that except when I was loading into a directory that wasn’t empty at the start. Had you already tried and quit once? If so it is just a residual and you can just overwrite.

Did you check the output directory to make sure that a file of this name doesn’t already exist? If you started DVD Decrypter and aborted the process once it might have transferred a few files during that session and it is now faced with copying a file to a directory where the file already exists. There shouldn’t be more than one VTS_02_0(1).IFO on the source DVD, so something else is going on. If you’re letting DVD Decrypter create its own directory, it’s usually in the root drive with a name that reflects the movie (e.g., C:\MINORITYREP\VIDEO_TS). Check that directory. Delete any files that are within that directory. Fire up DVD Decrypter again and give it another go…

Why not just use Pinnacle Instant copy instead of all this?


That’s a definite option. I wrote this guide so the folks who had already invested $43 could use the tool they bought a week before IC was released to do complete backups.

It also is considerably faster than IC.

Just a clarification also. When you rip in File mode – don’t forget to select ALL the files (not just the ones that were highlighted at startup).

I’ll edit my post above and add that.


I decided to compress one of the extras. Moved its VOBs to a new directory. These consisted of 2 VOBs (VTS_05_1.VOB and VTS_05_2.VOB). I ran ifoedit (Create IFOs) against these VOBs that were renamed VTS_01_1.VOB and VTS_01_2.VOB for ifoedit requirements. Both “Create a single PGC” and “Create Chapter for Each Cell” were checked. This created VIDEO_TS.BUP, VIDEO_TS.IFO, VTS_01_0.BUP and VTS_01_0.IFO.

I ran DVD2ONE against this directory. I then renamed the single DVD2ONE produced VOB to VTS_05_1.VOB and moved it to the original directory.

I then pointed ifoupdate to the original directory and VTS_05_0.IFO and to the authored directory and the DVD2ONE produced VTS_01_0.IFO. Under the “Mode” dropdown menu, “Adjusted Cell Mode” is checked. In the “Options” dropdown menu only two items are checked: “Autocorrect VTS Sectors” and “Autoanalyze Original IFO.” I press IFO Update and get an error –

“Original/New cell counts don’t match. Aborting…”

What’s a body to do…? I plead both the 5th and stupidity at this juncture!


I wouldn’t go that far. History has shown that the stupidity can very often be on the part of IFOUpdate (Since I wrote it that means it probably my fault).

Does this forum allow you to post attachments? If so I’d like to see the two (original and authored) IFOs…

Doesn’t look like attachments are allowed, at least I can’t find the ability anywhere. It doesn’t look as if V0.69 will allow the PGC discrepancies, though, as the error window indicates:

– New authored IFO has 1 PGC." (as we intended)

– Original IFO has 4 PGCs."

– Aborted. Original file restored."


Yes IC takes a very Looooong time but it does a great job!!

On my 900 Mhz athlon IC takes up to 500 minutes but the result is really amazing.

Another reason some of us are going through this circuitous process is because IC isn’t working on certain movies. I keep witnessing a crash as does at least one other person when we use IC to backup Unfaithful.

To be honest this entire process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes on my part once I get the system down. I’ll compress some of the extras to make more room for the transcoded movie.

Jdobbs…a thought just occurred…

Seems like I remember reading that your Makeiteasy does an IFO update, so if I set the proper directories, it should do the update without necessitating any of the of the other Makeiteasy steps, right? I’ll download and give it a stab.

Thanks for the assist…

Now I’m on step 6…
The amount that is left over in my D:\original dir. is 3.19GB.
The size of D:\input is 4.31GB.
I understand that 600MB is just an example, but what number should I use for DVD2one?
I’m sorry, I’m obviously confused. <%)
Thanks for you patience. :wink:

[QUOTE]Originally posted by jdobbs

  1. Right click on in the “d:\original” directory (see step 1) and see how much space it takes (the part that’s left over after you’ve moved the VTS files). This is the amount of space you need to reserve for extras/menus. Let’s assume it is 600MB just for our example.

  2. Run DVD2one. You’ll see that the default size is 4472MB. Subtract the number you got in step 6 – so 4472 - 600 = 3872. That’s the size you want to set as output. In addition, to make sure I don’t have to do it over, I subtract a little more. So I’ll use 3800 (its a nice round number) – enter it in the DVD2one size box.


Makeiteasy did the trick… I see one very minor navigational issue, but all in all I’ve processed 3 extras and the menu is working okay.


I’m going to let jdobbs guide you but I think you’re in a similar situation. The movie you are dealing with is very HEAVY in terms of extras; it comes close to the movie in terms of real estate requirements.

4.472 - 3.19 gives you roughly a paltry 1.2 G for the movie. DVD2ONE may not even be capable of winnowing it down to that extent.

If you leave the extras as they are, you have very little room for the transcoded movie, meaning you’re going to have to reduce its size to such an extent that you may not be happy with the video quality. Currently, I’m compressing the extras to give the movie some elbow room, and hence, a greater degree of video quality.