Menus and chapters



Hi i am a newbie and am having a spot of bother and hope you can help.
the background is that I am a karaoke DJ (for my sins) and carry hundreds of Cd+G around with me. It was obvious to me to place these onto dvds. I have managed eventually to convert the files into vob and now need to create menus and chapters. I can fit approximatly 8 discs each with 10 tracks onto 1 DVD. So I want to create a menu to select the disc and then a chapter to select the track. All i want is a main menu with 8 lines and then a chapters menu with about 10 lines.
I have tried several pieces of software but nothing seems to be what I am looking for The closest is TPMGE author but this still has a preview thumbnail i dont want and when i save to my hard drive and run in power dvd it just skips through the menus (would this change when i save it to a dvd) any help is much appricated on how to display the menus and chapters in TPMGE or and better software for my needs.



I do not use Tmpge Author, but check this site may be it will help.
Software used here is DVD Lab Pro.