Menu vs chapter list



To clear something up, the ‘Menu’, is that the splash screen menu that shows the added features etc? That isn’t the same as the chapter list in the movie correct?
IOW’s, if I burn a movie using DVD Shrink with ONLY the mani movie (no menus) I will still have the option using DVD player software to choose or jump ahead to another chapter?

Hope that made sense. I just want the movie and none of the fluff, but the ability to see the list of chapters is a plus.


You can still scan forward and backward. Also jump/scan to any chapter, time search, and title search. You can even select AUDIO, SUB TITLE, ANGLE, and DISPLAY mode. The only thing you will lose is the “splash screen” menu.

I also watch the movie, and the the splash screen. And I want the best possible picture if I decide to compress the video to a DVD-5 disc.


There must be more to it other than the splash screen giving the size of the file!