Menu template 'Island' not found

I have Nero vision 4 and Nero SDK 7 installed. When I run NeroVision API sample, import a video and slidershow, click next, I get this error message(Menu template ‘Island’ not found). Anyone knows how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

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try downloading the template package from here

Thanks, the error is gone but there are two new errors. At the second page, estimated time for video transcoding, <error getting time>. At the third page, a popup shows there was an error during transcoding. My nero is Nero OEM suite for Samsung, SDK is NeroSDK-1.08.

Sorry, at the second page, estimated time for video transcoding shows “Error getting time”.

I debug and get the error code TranscodingFailed!!!Is it because of my Nero is OEM version?

This issue is fixed when I upgrade to the latest version. Thanks!

glad you got it fixed, but still install the template packs, it gives you a lot more to play with.