Menu still behing banner

i have had this problem for ages, the menu is hidden by a ad banner :sad:

is there any way of fixing this, i know cdfreaks have had this problem for many years, are there any plans to fix it?

thanks, ben :slight_smile:

Get adassassin 3.60

thanks :), works great :), wasnt too keen on the skulls at first but just deleted the “skull.jpg” in the program dir :wink:

i’d just use a diff browser… IE blows chunks…Slimbrowser or Firefox would be better

We strongly recommend to NOT use any adblocking software on our site. The advertisements generate our income and this makes it possible that we are able to run this site as it is. You can read our advertising policy here.

In other threads I’ve also already explained that the need of the menu is drastically reduced and that most options can be found without using it. Still the menu below the banner is annoying and we will fix this in a to be released new layout.

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