Menu SNAFU on DVD-FABed disc

I have a bit of a nagging menu problem when I do a backup. After the copy is made, I play the disc and find that on the sub-menus (i.e. special features, chapter selection), the menu background is missing.

For instance, I recently burned Revolver. I did a full disc burn with DVD-Fab onto Verbatim DL. The burn went fine. When I played the disc, it went through the previews and to the main menu just fine. But when I went to the Bonus Features Menu, the background image froze on the main menu image and the sound stopped. I could navigate through the bonus features menu even though I could not see any text or the background image from that menu. I would only see the highlights move as I moved from one bonus feature to the next.

The same thing happened with Southland Tales and Bugsy. All three are Sony movies. Coincidence? All three happened in a row after I made a successful copy of Enchanted with no such problems.

I’ve had this happen in the past on my last burner so I know that isn’t the issue. And I’ve had it happen on previous versions of DVD Fab. So it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the new version.


Hi dvhowells,

Please try latest DVDFab to see the result, thanks.

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Thanks Fengtao for the suggestion (and the great product). I hadn’t realized a newer update had already come out.

Unfortunately, that did not help. After loading the update and re-ripping Bugsy with DVD-Fab, I burned with Nero and had the same result.

If I view the ripped files, all menus work properly. It is upon burning that the new backup has the issue.

Hi dvhowells,

Could you please send all .IFO files on backup disc to me?

My email: fengtao(at), you need replace (at) with @.


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Anything new on this?

Incidentally, I’ve since ripped and burned Sony DVDs without issue, even current ones like The Water Horse.

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