Menu shows up *after* the movie

I have a dvd of a concert. When I start the dvd the concert starts, plays all the way to the end and then the menu shows up! All buttons in menu work fine, no probs there.
Can anyone tell me how I can use DRM to get the dvd to open up with the menu?? :bow:
oh yeah… First Play refers to a file which I already removed using DRM, but the prob existed before I did that.

I’m a complete noob at this navigation stuff and the official manual didn’t help either, no mention of it yet :confused:

Thank you in advance for your attention!

If your menu is marked as a Root, Audio,Chapters,than you can use a “Jump” command to go to that menu.
If it is an ordinary PGC and any of these assigned menus are not used, you can use “Set menu category” to assign a type to it and go from First Play with Jump.
If however the menu is a PGC and other assignments are used, than it get to it is a little more complicated, but with the info you provided is not possible to help in that case.

It would help if you post a screen shot of main concert PGC post command.

Forgot to include this in my original post.

[QUOTE=CDuncle;2498368]It would help if you post a screen shot of main concert PGC post command.

Forgot to include this in my original post.[/QUOTE]

This is the pre command:

the post command is empty

As I said, I’m a noob to this, so I hope I got it right

Your Root menu is just a dummy PGC which direct commands to other menus.
It would be the best if you can do a test export (Green Icon second from the left upper tool bar) and post the file on some free sharing site if it is too large for this site (195 KB for zip file).
You can strip all audio and set duration for 5 or 10 seconds in Remake under Tools/Options/Import/Export (Test DVD export).
To make it even smaller you can hide all chapters after first one.

The things I do to get a good vid of that man :wink:

It’s on Rapidshare:
MD5: ABE72F25BBB29C8381F4AE87CD881E0E
(not sure if you need that 2nd line or not)

Thank you for all your trouble.

Here is your file. Hope that is what you want.
MD5: 58500BBA44FF14AB94BD2E487B1F234E

First of all, my apologies for not showing up for 3 days, my cable provider - in his infinite wisdom - chose to ‘work on my connection’ and cut me off from the world for over 2 days.:doh:

The file I posted was compressed with WinRar, but the same WinRar will not open the file you made for me. I feel such a clutz.:sad:

Perhaps you could just [I]tell [/I]me how to do it? I really feel bad about imposing on your time, but once I know how to do it I won’t forget again. Too bad the manual is so incomplete…

I use WinZIp ver14. It has some new compression for video and put extra letter to extension.
Maybe if you just rename the file from .zipx to .zip, WinRar will open it.
If you cannot let me know.
To fix your file just go to “First Play” and change command in second line to:

Jump VTS 2 “root” menu (title1)

It will get you to a menu you want.
Only problem with this one is that the button “return to video” has command “resume” which will get you to whatever video was played last. That is why they play main feature first.
It can be changed to start playing main program, but it will require some more modifications.
Let me know if you can open the file I sent, because I can change to original WinZip which WinRar should have no problem to open.

I’m just about ready to give up on this one, I’m just wasting your time and getting [I]really[/I] frustrated here!

I removed the ‘x’ and now WinRAR would like to open it but I get a diagnostic message with: “unknown method in…” and then it lists all the VTS and VIDEO files.

So then I tried to make the alteration you suggested but I’m hopeless I’m afraid:sad:
Can’t find any way to edit the command. Not via ‘edit command’, not via ‘add new command’, it won’t let me enter my own text and I don’t see the one you mention in any of the dropdownlists either.

I am of the ‘granny’-generation and didn’t learn to use a computer at school, but I always thought I could find my way around one… until now. :confused:

I won’t blame you if you give up on me, but I still hope I can get this thing to do what [B]I[/B] want LOL

7-Zip v 4.65 will open & extract the files from CDuncle’s .zipx file.
After the extract I tested them with VLC player .
At first I had just extracted the files to a folder named TEMP.This did not let the menus run correctly.I then moved the files to a folder named VIDEO_TS & VLC played the folder correctly.
So once you install 7-Zip.Select all the files & extract to a floder named VIDEO_TS .
I had an older version of 7-Zip that wouldn’t open this file so I installed the latest version but not the beta one.

You cannot type your own text to edit commands, you have to go through command editor.
Just open you file in Remake
Open First Play and right click on second line, choose Edit command, window will open.
There will be a blue highlighted window, make sure it say Jump/Call Instructions, if not, click on that window an choose that.
Under that command edit check second square from top, you will get “Jump VTS Menu”.
Fill out boxes under that from top to bottom with these numbers 2,3,1, click OK, you are done.

OK, I downloaded WinRar and try to open my file made by Zip and it does not work.
I know there was time when Rar could open all files, even before Zip could, but I guess times changed.
Here are two file made by RAR
MD5: 1C40C8FC642E2958F87B76FA9DCFC9F1

First one is the one which will get you to main menu.
Second one is one I was talking about in my previous post. Button #5 command is modified to get you to a main movie or resume if you played movie before. It will work similar way the button command was originally meant.

You are such a darling to go to all this trouble :kiss:… but it’s the wee hours of the morning in my part of the world right now (Holland) an I’m pooped… so I’ll get back to trying out your suggestions soon as I am awake - that means after a gallon of coffee :D.
See ya 2morrow