Menu scroll will not work pass screen 1

Hi all, I am a newbe who got a thrashing from Goudo and MRCloner for not properly entering my thread so I hope that this is okay.

I have a LVW 5005 that works great except that when I try to view my recorded programs only the first six will show on my menu. When I try to scroll to the next set of recorded programs nothing happends even though there are 7 to10 programs recorded on the DVDs.
Also when I record a 7th program on a DVD and finalize only 6 show on the menu screen. So if the seventh is there I can’t access it.
Can anyone tell me why this happens or how to fix it?

I don’t think this has a thing to do with your burner. What software are you using to rip, encode, author, etc… your video programs?

I’m sorry I was not clear on my recording method. I’m not using any software, I am copying from the TV not using my computer. I should be able to scroll in my menu screen to see all recorded programs on the disk but I can’t get past the 6th program.