Menu question with Recode2

What I would like to do is Re author a dvd with just the main movie and preserve menus. Im having alot of problems doing this with Recode. I know there are other tools you can use Clone DVD very simple to do. However I would like to learn this with recode seams as though from what I have tested this is the fastest thing out especially using heavy compression. When I try and re author I see like Ten different Menu folders. I have also tried messing with it and basically I make a dvd with an image of the Menu and then the DVD is locked. If anyone out there can pass me this info on how to reauthor with recode and preserve menus I would appreciate it tks

What you are trying to do cannot be done in re-author mode (“Remake a DVD”).
You need to select “Recode an Entire DVD to DVD”, import the source DVD, select
any folders besides “Main Movie” and “Menus” and click “Disable”.
A dialog will pop up where you can replace the content of the extras with either a still image, a solid colour or a slideshow generated from the original video.
Selecting a solid colour or still image as replacement leaves the most space for the remaining videos, so you should select one of those.