Menu problem

I merged two dvds with the merge function in DvdRemake. I’m trying to make my own custom menu with this guide But can’t get it to work correctly. When I change the default menu both buttons select the second video. I have checked the pre post commands and the post commands before and after I change the menu and they are the same. How can I get the fist menu button to select the first video. If I replace with a still and move the buttons to match my menu it works except I loose the button Highlights.

Did you follow all the steps correctly, especially steps 3 and 4? There are many posts discussing this. Here’s one thread with more detail guides: Adding Audio to DVD Menus. Scroll down to post #10, 2nd link.

I am going by the guides exactly like they say and still no luck. I have played around in the post command and can get both buttons to select disc one or disc two but not disc one and two. If I replace with a still I can select disc one and disc two but I lose the button highlights.

I solved my problem with a suggestion from mazinz over at VH. All I had to do was copy the post commands and paste them directly onto the buttons. Could this be a bug in version 3.5.3 or just something I was doing wrong?

It is not a bug. The guide (step 3) says to change each button command to LinkTailPGC, so in the post commands it can branch to the right disc based on the selected highlighted button. What mazinz suggested will work as well. It just bypasses the post commands.

I was following the guides step by step and I just couldn’t get it to work. If anyone else has this problem the cut and paste trick does work. DvdRemake Pro is a great program and well worth buying. :smiley: