Menu problem with Star Trek TNG seasons

The first menu comes up where it asks you to select an episode. When you select it, it should bring up another menu which asks you to start the episode or pick a chapter. That 2nd menu does not appear.

Used DVDbackup to decrypt and it plays properly before dvd2onex transcodes it.

I used 1.11 to back up all of my first season STNG disks, and had no trouble at all during playback. I don’t know if maybe there’s some kind of incompatibility issue between your decrypter and DVD2ONE (it happens), but here’s the method I used:

1.) Use DVD Decrypter in FILE mode, copy all files into the folder of your choosing.

2.) Run main VOB set through IFOedit to remove unneeded audio streams (I removed the 5.1, since it helped with the image quality). Piece back together with untreated VOBs and click “get VTS Sectors.”

3.) Test project using IFOedit’s “DVD Play” button. Be sure that you don’t still have your original disk in your player, or IFOedit will simply start playing that – leaving you with the false sense that everything turned out alright!

4.) If all works well, fire up DVD2ONE and let her rip.

Make sure you put both VOB sets into your project (since all episodes reside on 1 VOB chain, it’s tempting to only use the ones you stripped… however, you’ll wind up with navigational problems if you don’t use the VTS_02. chain, as well).

Hope this helps!

Edit I just became aware that DVD Backup is a Mac software… is that correct? I’m about as dumb as a post when it comes to Mac stuff, so I really can’t make any suggestions toward that end. I don’t know if there’s a compatible version of IFOedit that you can use, since I’ve only tested and used the PC version. But, nonetheless, what you’re trying to do is possible.

I had no problems backing-up my first season of TNG … But in the second season I had the same problem! Maybe because i used version 1.1.2 of dvd2one, but the problem only appeared in PowerDVD and not in my stand alone DVD player, so i didn’t bother looking it up! Oh yeah, something i discovered yesterday! Although i selected the “english” audio ONLY, it still played back the german, french … audiotracks as well !!! :confused: any suggestions on that one ???

but this is for the mac version of the software which is suppose to be based on 1.13 (windows version).


Gotcha. Sorry about that!

Is it your copy that’s not displaying that menu, or are you using a software player on the DVDoneX files and testing it on your system? If a software player won’t give you proper playback, then this is good feedback for Rene + Co. If it’s a burned copy that’s screwing up – but the processed files play fine on your hard drive – then it may be your burning software, too.

… In the meantime, I’ll step out, so’s another Mac user (ie, someone who knows what they’re talking about) who may have seen what you’re seeing has a shot.

Good luck!

I’m using Apple’s DVD player. When I test just the ripped version, it plays properly. When I use Apple’s DVD player to play the output from DVD2ONEX, it exhibits the behavior I mentioned. Somewhere in the transcoding process it gets a little weird. Thanks for the help though.

I believe this is a problem with the Mac DVD Player. STNG has the same problem on my system, but if I go ahead and burn the disk it plays fine in my sony set top DVD Player.