Menu problem on tv

I burn my DVDs using Deepburner without a start menu or as refered to in the deepburner manual autostart menu just a video(mpeg2 divix or other) on the DVD.
After I put in the DVD in the player the DVD shows up on the tv with two square boxes the one on the left has the titles of the files I burned the other is blank.

The titles are always cut short because of the boxes. Image below is a sample from the manual does not show how my titles are cut off but shows the boxes

Can I fix this title problem or do I need to make a start menu with some software?
I have created the autostart menus in deepburner but they never work.

Playback is never a problem just the way the titles show up on the tv looks bad as I described.
VSO convertX2dvd creates what I concider a really nice start menu. This fine if conversion is needed but very SLOW.

Using Deepburner on Maxell DVD-RW