Menu not working

When I export my DVD from DVDRemakePro v 3.6.1, there are 4 buttons on the main menu, only 1 is active when I hove my mouse over it, nothing happened to the other 3. I didn’t touch the order of the buttons during editing.

Have you tried burning the project (to an RW) and playing in your standalone? Most software players are pure crap and especially seem to have issues with button highlights.


I have used PCGEdit to edit the menu and now it worked. Thanks for your reply. Using both DVDRemake and PCGEdit together was a very powerful tools

Please can you help me.

I have two Lite-On HDD DVD recorders linked to one Sony TV. ( KV-28LS60U )
My problem is that each of the two remote controls gives the same command to both recorders.

Is there some simple way that I can control each recorder
seperately with each of the two remotes ??

can you email me and tell me what you did with pcgedit so i can get mine to work?

Post your exact problem bombsox either here or on the official PgcEdit forum at Doom9.