Menu not working when playing in DVD player?

Ok so I used Nero Vision Express 3 to burn one of my movies to a Cd-R. I created a chapter menu so I can select scenes. But when I play the cd on my dvd player, I can see the menu but I cannot select the scenes. When I press “left” or “right” on my remote, nothing happens. Pressing the play button doesnt even work. The only way I can pick a scene is to press the number what the scene is. For example: Chapter 1, so I press #1 and it plays. The only thing that can work is when I can go forward and back to different scene pages using the “next scene button”. Also, when I play the movie and press the “next scene button”, it comes back to chapter menu. Even when I press the “menu button”, it doesnt work and just keeps on playing. I have no idea what is wrong! :confused: :a

Sorry if I said too much but I really need some help. :smiley:

wow…thnks for the help guys… :rolleyes:

Are you able to create a DVD (rather than a CD) with a menu to play on your DVD player?

well i never tried burning to a dvd…wont it be the same though?

Why would you not create a DVD rather than a CD if you want to play video on a DVD player?

well i dont have any spare dvds so i used cds

Fork out and buy a blank DVD and try it.

ohh fine